PLSC 083 Lobbying the Federal Government


December 3, 2001


Last week of class: review


NOTE: Final grades and term papers can be picked up in my office, 107 Burrowes, during the period when this class would normally have its final exam scheduled: Monday Dec 10, 2:30 to 4:30. Drop by my office. I’ll have cookies or something. Get your term paper and tell me how you did this semester. Burrowes is right in front of Pattee Library on the mall.


NOTE: For those interested in being a PLSC major, I volunteer to be your advisor, or I will help you choose someone else if you’re sick of me!


NOTE: In May 2005 I’ll promise to come to graduation if someone here reminds me.


Monday: A checklist for your papers

The basics:


The more important issues:

·        Theoretical issues in the introduction: discuss in class what the major issues are


Wednesday: A discussion and review


Comments and questions on any topic you like. I’d suggest these:


Roles of groups. Is Schattschneider right? Olson? Truman? Did you conclude that things are good or bad normatively? What are the most normatively troubling implications of what you’ve studied this semester? What are the most normatively benign?


In the cases debated from Wolpe and Levine, did those illustrate policy subsystems at work, policy networks, conflict expansions, or what? Did the side with public opinion typically win? Did groups manufacture public opinion, or what that set ahead of time?


What was the value of Light?


What should a freshman seminar focus on? Did this class have a good mix of substance and other issues?