October 7, 1999
Contact: Brian Edwards
(202) 225-3376

Congressman Jim Davis Votes For Norwood-Dingell
Managed Care Reform Bill

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Jim Davis voted for the Bipartisan Consensus Managed Care Improvement Act Thursday afternoon saying that it is time managed care companies be held accountable for penny-pinching decisions that hurt patients.

The legislation to strengthen patient's rights overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives 275-151.

"Patients won a significant victory today because this legislation will finally take the insurance clerk out of the middle of the doctor-patient relationship," said Congressman Davis, who cosponsored the legislation written by U.S. Reps. Charles Norwood and John Dingell. "No longer will patients be powerless when an HMO summarily denies or delays treatment just because it cuts into the company's profits."

"This legislation strips away the extraordinary protections from liability managed care companies have enjoyed and that means they can now be held accountable for the decisions some insurance clerk makes in the name of the bottom line," said Congressman Davis. "By taking away their protection from being sued, managed care companies will have to think twice before delaying or denying treatment that a patient ought to receive. Patients battling an illness or disease shouldn't have to battle their insurance company to get the care they thought they were paying for." said Congressman Davis.


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