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Princeton Junction - Representative Rush Holt (D-12th District) today toured the Hunterdon Medical Center and met with patients and staff to send his holiday greetings and to raise awareness of the need for a Patients' Bill of Rights.

According to Rep. Holt, the Hunterdon Medical Center has been providing a full range of preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic care to the Hunterdon County area for more than 48 years. The Hunterdon Medical Center, Rep. Holt stated, is a non-profit community and teaching hospital affiliated with the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The medical center also provides additional services for older adults, including a Senior Services Program that provides screenings, education programs and additional treatment and assessment programs for individuals with complex health problems.

"With our aging population, New Jersey needs more services like those offered at Hunterdon Medical Center," said Rep. Holt. "Its commitment to seniors is a model for other health care providers."

Rep. Holt is working in Congress to pass a Patients' Bill of Rights. This legislation will ensure that the doctor-patient relationship is protected and that patients' will receive the care that they need. In addition to being a cosponsor of the Patients' Bill of Rights, Rep. Holt has sponsored the Quality Health Care Act of 1999 to reform the health care system.

"By coming to the Hunterdon Medical Center, I hope that we can raise awareness for the need of the Patients' Bill of Rights and significant health care reforms in this country. However, at the same time, I am here today to visit with patients and to send holiday greetings to them, their families and the hard-working staff at Hunterdon," Rep. Holt said.

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