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June 8, 2000
Brief Remarks By The Honorable Charlie Norwood
House-Senate News Conference on Managed Care Reform
Washington, DC —  I am very excited about today.  For the first time, the Senate will get to vote on a bipartisan bill that covers all Americans, lets doctors make medical decisions, and holds insurers accountable if they make a decision that harms or kills a patient.  

If the underachieving conference committee has accomplished anything, it is that they have shown that the bill that passed the Senate last year was a complete failure on these counts.   

Today is a wonderful opportunity for Senators to make up for the vote they took last year by voting for a strong bipartisan bill that will actually help patients. 

It is also a wonderful opportunity for both the House and Senate to bring this issue to a close – today.   When both bodies have passed essentially the same bill, the conference debate is over, and this whole managed care reform issue can be completed this summer.    

I hope and pray my Republican friends in the Senate will use this vote to do just that, and allow both Houses to move on to other pressing matters.   Thank you. 


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