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March 18, 2000

SECTION: CONGRESS; Pg. 872; Vol. 32, No. 12

LENGTH: 521 words

HEADLINE: House-Senate Committee Action: Hot Bills March 13-16

BYLINE: National Journal News Service


Hot Bills
Here is the status of major legislation on the congressional
front burner:

     House: Approved H.R. 3846 on March 9, 282-143, then
attached it to a small-business tax cut bill (H.R. 3081).

     Senate: Approved amended version of H.R. 833 on Feb. 2,

     Outlook: House Republicans sweetened a tax relief bill by
adding a $ 1 minimum-wage increase over two years, while the
Senate GOP mixed small-business tax relief and a three-year wage
hike with bankruptcy reform legislation. The White House says
this legislative stew has too many ingredients, but GOP chefs
don't like a wage hike without a garnish of tax cuts. And some
conservatives still insist states ought to be able to "opt out"
House: Approved H.R. 5 on March 1, 422-0.

     Senate: Considers H.R. 5 on March 21.

     Outlook: This bill, which allows full benefits for people
who keep working beyond retirement age, should fly through the
Senate, which is eager to have the President sign it.

House: Approved H.R. 6 on Feb. 10, 268-158.

     Senate: Finance Committee plans to draft a bill soon.

     Outlook: Senate Republicans have not yet decided whether
to move tax cuts one at a time or in a big package. They hint
they'll be even more generous to married couples than the House
was, despite President Clinton's threat to veto a cut as large as
the House-passed bill.

House: Approved a bipartisan patients' rights bill (H.R. 2723) on
Oct. 7, 1999, 275-151, and then merged it with an insurance
access bill (H.R. 2990).

     Senate: Approved S. 1344 with narrower reforms favored by
health insurers on July 15, 1999, 53-47.

     Outlook: Conferees settled three issues on March 9, but
the toughest ones await resolution: who is covered by the bill,
who decides what is a "medical necessity," and what rights
patients will have to sue their health plans and employers. GOP
leaders, who hoped to have a final bill this month, are now
committed to finishing work by Easter.

House: Approved H.R. 434 on July 16, 1999, 234-163.

     Senate: Approved an amended H.R. 434 on Nov. 3, 1999, 76-

     Outlook: Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., is
working to close the negotiations in the hope that Congress can
clear a final bill by early April.

House: Approved H.R. 1995 on July 20, 239-185, and H.R. 2 on Oct.
21, 1999, 358-67.

     Senate: Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee
approved S. 2 on March 9.

     Outlook: A fierce floor debate over who controls the way
federal aid to schools is spent awaits the Senate, which is
trying to pass a single bill renewing the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act instead of the separate House-passed
bills. Despite defeats in committee, Senate Democrats will push
President Clinton's education priorities on the floor.

LOAD-DATE: March 23, 2000

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