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June 17, 2000

SECTION: OUTLOOK; Pg. 1916; Vol. 32, No. 25

LENGTH: 524 words

HEADLINE: House-Senate Committee Action For June 12-15


Hot Bills
Here is the status of major legislation on the congressional
front burner.

House: Approved H.R. 4444 on May 24, 237-197.

     Senate: Finance Committee approved S. 2277 on May 17, 19-
1.      Outlook: Republican leaders have signaled that the Senate
will wait until after the July 4 recess to vote on granting
permanent normal trade relations to China. The Senate may not
pass a "clean" version of the bill: GOP leaders are weighing a
national security amendment that could complicate dealings with
the House and put off final action until September.

House: Approved H.R. 833 on May 5, 1999, 313-108.

     Senate: Approved amended version of H.R. 833 on Feb. 2,

     Outlook: As negotiators resolve lingering disputes,
President Clinton warns that he will veto a reform bill that
fails to "protect all debtors when targeting the few who abuse
the system." That has emboldened some Democrats to plot a Senate
filibuster if GOP leaders push anything resembling the House

House: Approved conference report on S. 761 on June 14, 426-4.

     Senate: Plans vote on conference report on June 16.

     Outlook: High-tech firms eagerly await enactment of the
measure, which provides a presumption of legal validity to
electronic signatures and records. President Clinton says that
he'll sign the bill, noting it "will remove legal barriers to
doing business online while preserving consumer protection."
House: Approved H.R. 6 on Feb. 10, 268-158.

     Senate: Effort to end debate on S. 2346 failed on April

     Outlook: Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., says
that a marriage penalty phaseout will be included in a
reconciliation measure this summer to keep it from being
"filibustered to death or amended to death."

House: Approved a bipartisan patients' bill of rights (H.R. 2723)
on Oct. 7, 1999, 275-151, then merged it with an insurance access
bill (H.R. 2990).

     Senate: Approved S. 1344 with narrower reforms favored by
health insurers on July 15, 1999, 53-47.

     Outlook: Although the White House vows to fight on, two
setbacks have thrown this legislation into cardiac arrest: Senate
Democrats failed, 48-51, on June 8 to amend a defense bill with
provisions from the bipartisan House bill. Then the Supreme Court
ruled on June 12 that health plans cannot be sued in federal
court for damages arising from cost-cutting decisions.

House: Approved juvenile-justice bill (H.R. 1501) on June 17,
1999, 287-139.

     Senate: Approved juvenile-justice bill (S. 254) with new
gun control measures on May 20, 1999, 73-25.

     Outlook: On June 14, House Republican appropriators
crushed a Democratic bid to hire 1,000 prosecutors to work in
areas with high rates of gun violence. Dueling resolutions on gun
control passed the Senate on May 17, but they only shot down
prospects for a compromise.

LOAD-DATE: June 19, 2000

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