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June 24, 2000

SECTION: OUTLOOK; Pg. 1992; Vol. 32, No. 26

LENGTH: 697 words



     Here is the status of major legislation on the
congressional front burner:
House: Approved H.R. 6 on Feb. 10, 268-158.
Senate: Failed to end debate on S. 2346 on April 27.
Outlook: The Senate Finance Committee will draft a new marriage
penalty "phaseout" on June 28 as one of the revenue
reconciliation bills required by the congressional budget
resolution. Republican leaders say this tactic will keep the bill
from being filibustered or amended to death by Democrats, who
prefer more-modest tax cuts.
House: Approved H.R. 4444 on May 24, 237-197.
Senate: Finance Committee approved S. 2277 on May 17, 19-1.
Outlook: The Senate will consider H.R. 4444, which grants
permanent normal trade relations to China, sometime in July.
Republican leaders are weighing a national security amendment
that trade advocates fear will complicate dealings with the House
and put off final action well into September.
House: Approved H.R. 833 on May 5, 1999, 313-108.
Senate: Approved amended version of H.R. 833 on Feb. 2, 83-14.
Outlook: A snag has arisen over House leaders' refusal to accept
Senate language that explicitly bars bankruptcy filings by people
who commit violence against abortion clinics. The President warns
that he will veto a bill that drops the language, or that fails
to "protect all debtors when targeting the few who abuse the
House: Approved H.R. 8 on June 9, 279-136.
Senate: Floor action on H.R. 8 is imminent.
Outlook: Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., likes the
House bill, which repeals federal estate and gift taxes over 10
years, so expect to see it on the Senate floor by early July.
Democrats are preparing an alternative to help estates worth less
than $ 5 million and to redirect tax cuts to less-affluent
families struggling with college, child care, or senior care
House: Approved a bipartisan patients' rights bill (H.R. 2723) on
Oct. 7, 1999, 275-151, then merged it with an insurance access
bill (H.R. 2990).
Senate: Approved S. 1344 with narrower reforms favored by health
insurers on July 15, 1999, 53-47.
Outlook: House and Senate Republicans, long at odds over the
scope of the bill and other issues, are now working harder to
bridge differences and agree on a bill they hope will impress
voters. But Democrats are boycotting the closed-door talks and
joining the White House in a renewed push to add a patients'
rights amendment to a must-pass spending bill in the Senate.
House: Approved conference report on S. 761 on June 14, 426-4.
Senate: Approved conference report on June 16, 87-0.
Outlook: The bill, which provides a presumption of legal validity
to electronic signatures and records, arrived at the White House
on June 20, and President Clinton will sign it by July 1.
Follow the Money
Here is the status of the fiscal 2001 appropriations bills:
Agriculture=House committee approved on May 10; Senate committee
approved on May 9
Commerce-Justice-State=House debating on June 22; Senate
committee has not yet acted
Defense=House approved on June 7; Senate approved on June 13
District of Columbia=House and Senate committees have not yet
Energy and Water Development, House committee approved on June
20; Senate committee has not yet acted
Foreign Operations=House subcommittee approved on June 20; Senate
approved on June 22
Interior=House approved on June 15; Senate subcommittee approved
on June 20
Labor-Health and Human Services-Education, House approved on June
14; Senate debating on June 22
Legislative Branch=House portion approved on June 22; Senate
portion approved on May 25
Military Construction=House approved on May 16; Senate approved
on May 18
Transportation=House approved on May 19; Senate approved on June
Treasury-Postal Service=House and Senate committees have not yet
Veterans Affairs-Housing and Urban Development, House approved on
June 21; Senate committee has not yet acted

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