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Copyright 1999 The National Journal, Inc.  
The National Journal

October 9, 1999

SECTION: POLL READINGS; Pg. 2917; Vol. 31, No. 41

LENGTH: 714 words

HEADLINE: Poll Readings for Oct. 9, 1999


Views on Congressional Performance
Lawmakers at Work
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its
job? (margin of error +-3 percentage points; Gallup Organization

           1/17/99      9/26/99
Approve          50%          37%
Disapprove       46           56
No opinion        4            7
Which of the following do you think should be Congress's highest
legislative priority? (+-3.5 percentage points; Peter D. Hart and
Robert M. Teeter for NBC News-The Wall Street Journal)

Preserving Medicare                 29%
Passing tax cuts                    17
Restricting the sale of guns        16
Increasing military spending        11
Passing a patients' bill of rights  10
Increasing the minimum wage          9
All                                  4
Not sure, none                       4
Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of House
Republican Whip Tom DeLay, Speaker of the House J. Dennis
Hastert, and House Republican Leader Dick Armey? (+-4 percentage
points; Gallup Organization for CNN-USA Today)


            Favorable      Unfavorable      No       Never

                                          opinion   heard of
Tom DeLay          17%             11%          18%        54%
J. Dennis Hastert  23               7           22         48
Dick Armey         20              14           17         49
Letters to Legislators
In the past four years, have you visited, faxed, phoned, e-
mailed, or written a letter to your member of Congress? (+-3
percentage points; CBS News)

Yes      33%
No       67
Budget Bickering
The federal government's fiscal year ended on Sept. 30, and
Congress has not yet approved a budget for the new fiscal year.
How confident are you that Congress and the President will pass a
budget in time to avoid a shutdown of the federal government? (+-
3 percentage points; Gallup)

Very confident           17
Somewhat confident       43
Not too confident        27
Not at all confident     11
No opinion                2
How confident are you that Congress and the President will pass a
budget that stays within the spending limits imposed by the 1997
budget bill? (+-3 percentage points; Gallup)

Very confident           9%
Somewhat confident      36
Not too confident       34
Not at all confident    19
No opinion               2
Who do you believe should have the final word on what to do with
the federal budget surplus--the Republicans in Congress or the
President? (+-3 percentage points; ABC News-The Washington Post)

                     3/14/99       9/2/99
President Clinton          48%           45%
Republicans in Congress    41            46
Both, equally               2             1
Neither                     5             5
No opinion                  3             3
The Early Line
If the 2000 congressional election were held today, would you
vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate in your district?
(+-3  percentage points; asked of primary voters by CBS News)


                    Total       Democrats       Republicans
The Republican           31%            5%               76%
The Democrat             40            76                 5
Other                     1             1                 0
Wouldn't vote             2             1                 0
Depends                  13            11                12
Don't know, no response  13             6                 7

LOAD-DATE: October 11, 1999

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