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October 14, 2000

SECTION: MEDICARE; Pg. 3270; Vol. 32, No. 42

LENGTH: 188 words

HEADLINE: Republicans Agree on Medicare 'Givebacks'

BYLINE: Julie Rovner/CongressDaily


     House and Senate Republican negotiators reached a
tentative agreement this week on a five-year, $ 26 billion to $ 28
billion package of "givebacks" to Medicare providers whose
reimbursements were cut by the 1997 Balanced Budget Act, but it
remained unclear exactly what shape the final legislation would
take. Even before the package was completed, President Clinton,
congressional Democrats, and hospital groups complained that it
would provide too much money for managed care plans in the
"Medicare+Choice" program, and would come at the expense of other
health care providers. Managed care plans have been leaving
Medicare in recent years, complaining that the payment system set
up by the 1997 law left them no way to make a profit. Clinton
said studies have shown that the plans are already paid more than
they need to provide beneficiaries with basic Medicare benefits.
And he said Congress ought not to reward an industry whose
lobbyists have blocked passage of a patients' bill of rights.
Negotiations with the Administration on a final package are
expected next week.

LOAD-DATE: October 17, 2000

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