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Copyright 1999 The New York Times Company  
The New York Times

July 19, 1999, Monday, Late Edition - Final

SECTION: Section A; Page 16; Column 4; Editorial Desk 

LENGTH: 158 words

HEADLINE: How Profits Affect Patient Care


To the Editor:

Is Bob Herbert (column, July 15) suggesting that money and reform in the health care arena are mutually exclusive? I contend the two go hand in hand. Our current health care crisis is occurring not because health maintenance organizations have an "unconscionable obsession with the bottom line," but because there is a lack of a free market for health care. We need to place more of an emphasis on money. Instead of a patients' bill of rights, we need medical savings accounts. By opening up the health care industry to the wonders of the free market, patients would truly have the voice in deciding which doctors to see, which medicines to take and which tests to undergo instead of sitting idly by as health maintenance organizations and insurance companies try to deny us care.
Washington, July 15, 1999
The writer is a research associate, National Center for Policy Analysis.

LOAD-DATE: July 19, 1999

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Search Terms: patients bill of rights
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