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Weekly Update

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April 28, 2000

Week Recap
Patient Protections-Conference Committee

Week Recap

The Senate reconvened on April 25. During the week, advocates of legislation aimed to eliminate the marriage penalty tax failed to round up enough votes to begin debate. After accomplishing little, the Senate adjourned on Thursday until Monday, May 1. The House returns from its Easter recess on Tuesday. The schedule between May 2 and May 26, when the House and Senate recess for Memorial Day, is expected to be dominated by budget (including a broad measure that may restore some of the BBA cuts and provide funding for a prescription drug benefit) and appropriations issues.

Patient Protections-Conference Committee

The Patients’ Bill of Rights conference meetings are anticipated to begin again on Thursday May 4 with a review of the differences in the liability provisions between the House and Senate versions of the bill. Liability and scope remain the two most controversial measures of the conference.

In previous weeks, we’ve urged 911 members to call, write, fax, email or visit legislators about the post-stabilization 3-hour callback compromise. If you haven’t already done so, please make every effort to contact your Representative and Senators. For those of you planning to attend the Leadership/Legislative Issues Conference make your appointments for May 18 as soon as possible.

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