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The environment for passage of a Patients' Bill of Rights this year significantly improved on October 6, 2000, when Senator John Ashcroft (R-MO), in a joint press conference with the AMA and Representative Charlie Norwood (R-GA), officially joined the ranks of those Senators and US Representatives who support new bipartisan legislation that would provide true patient protections.

Senator Ashcroft's support for this legislation represents the first time that a majority–in both the House and the Senate–support a real patients' bill of rights

Senator Ashcroft stated: "We must pass patient protection legislation that puts patients and their doctors in charge of health care decisions, holds HMOs accountable for abuses, and protects Americans' access to affordable, high quality health care."

This is excellent news for organized medicine as we head in the final days of the 106th Congress. Senator Ashcroft's support clearly signals that this legislation is very much alive and will likely be considered before Congress adjourns and members return home to campaign for reelection. The need for a meaningful patients' bill of rights is clearly an issue that resonates with voters–and cannot be ignored any longer.

In addition to patient protection legislation, Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) are also expected to be a part of the debate over managed care reform in the 106th Congress. See the latest activity concerning MSAs here.

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