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News > Past News  > May 2000

Pain Bill Reported in Senate

On April 27, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amended version of H.R. 2260, the "Pain Relief Promotion Act," which passed the House on November 27, 1999, by a vote of 10 to 8.

ANA, along with a number of other organizations of health care providers and consumers, opposes this legislation because it would, for the first time, allow agents of the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration to investigate the "intent" of health care providers who prescribe controlled substances for pain and end-of-life care. Although the legislation is intended to overturn the Oregon law permitting assisted suicide, which ANA also opposes, ANA is concerned that the chilling effect of DEA investigations would deal a devastating blow to efforts to address the widely recognized undertreatment of pain. ANA Statement | ANA letter

ANA Contact Stephanie Reed at 202-651-7088 or

Reminder: Sample Survey Responses Needed

ANA would like to remind nurses who received survey questionnaires from the Division of Nursing in March to return their forms. The information you submit is used to develop the National Sample Survey--a publication that provides an integrated, in-depth picture of the RN work force in the United States. A number of federal, state and local government departments and agencies are depending on this information for average compensation rates, estimates of the number of nurses in their region and educational distribution of the work force.    ANA Contact Carol Bickford (202)651-7060 or

Patients’ Bill of Rights Update

On May 17, an ANA representative attended a White House meeting called to develop strategies to bring public awareness to the Patients’ Bill of Rights. Meeting participants included White House Chief of Staff John D. Podesta and Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy Development Christopher Jennings. Participants discussed strategies for encouraging individuals to contact their members of Congress and urge swift enactment. House and Senate conferees on H.R. 2990, the managed care reform legislation based on the Patients’ Bill of Rights, have moved very slowly in recent weeks, and time may run out before an acceptable resolution to differences in the two bills is achieved in this election year. ANA urges all nurses to contact their senators and representatives to urge enactment of the House-passed bill, H.R. 2990, the only comprehensive, biparti-san bill that holds health plans accountable for their actions and offers a full range of protections to all Americans who hold employment-based health insurance or who buy their own insurance. ANA contact Stephanie Reed ( | More Info...

Avis Misses with TV Ad

Avis Rental Cars is running a television commercial depicting a nurse forgetting her patient's name and medical condition and putting him in the wrong room - all followed by "Ever get the feeling that some people just stopped trying?" ANA President Mary Foley responded with the following letter to Avis' CEO: Letter

E-mail them with your comments: -Website:

June 1 Deadline Extended for Abstract Submissions to ICN

ICN has extended the deadline for submission of abstracts for the 2001 ICN Congress in Copenhagen from June 1, 2000 to September 15, 2000.

The Congress is scheduled for June 10 - 15, 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark. The theme for the Congress is Nursing: A New Era for Action.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract, forms are available from ANA by contacting Cheryl Peterson at 202-651-7089/ or go to the ICN website:

Hepatitis C Training Program Available Online

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has posted on its Web site an interactive training program on hepatitis C for health professionals. The program provides users with up-to-date information on epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of hepatitis C infection and related chronic disease. Continuing medical and nursing education credits are available free from CDC upon completion of the training. The training course is at

Violence and Occupational Health: United Kingdom

More than six out of ten violent incidents that took place in the National Health Service (NHS)-United Kingdom over the past year were aimed at nurses. According to the results of a survey by the Department of Health, about 13 violent incidents were recorded each month per NHS region between August 1998 and July 1999. On average, there were 11 violent incidents per 1,000 nursing staff each month. In spite of the high questionnaire reply rate (ninty point five percent), the department warned that many incidents were not reported or were hidden by weak management practices and therefore not recorded. The survey highlighted that more incidents occur in mental health/learning disability settings, followed by community health regions, ambulance, all service and acute systems.

Source: SEW News, International Council of Nurses. (Originally published in Nursing Times).

Candidate Profiles for 2000 Elections

Find out about the candidates running for 19 ANA elected offices at the Board of Directors, Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics, and Nominating Committee.

The ANA House of Delegates and convention will held be in Indianapolis, Indiana from June 23 to 28, 2000. Duly elected and credentialed ANA delegates will elect the ANA leaders onsite on June 27.   Read the candidate's profiles...

Council of State Governments Hears ANA's Issues

On April 27-30, Anna Gilmore-Hall, RN, and Sue Whittaker, RN, from ANA’s State Government Relations Department attended the Council of State Governments’ (CSG)Spring meeting. Over 500 state legislators and policymakers met to discuss issues of importance to state governments. At this meeting, ANA was able to promote needlestick safety legislation and get the issue incorporated into the upcoming agenda. ANA staff was able to meet and discuss ANA’s quality indicators and staffing principles with several key state legislators for incorporation in pending state legislation. As ANA and the CMAs move toward a nationwide state legislative agenda, we will be well positioned to use the foundation built at these meetings to assist us in moving our core issues.

The CSG is an organization that brings together leaders in state government to advocate for multi-state problem-solving and partnerships. ANA’s involvement in this organization allows us to position our issues before multiple state legislatures, while helping to shape the organization’s agenda.

ANA Strongly Opposes the Quality Health Care Act - H.R. 1304

The U. S. House of Representatives is expected to vote soon on H.R. 1304, the Quality Health-Care Coalition Act of 1999, which would create a broad antitrust exemption to permit doctors and other health care professionals to bargain collectively with health plans. The bill undermines efforts to control health care costs for consumers and to provide consumers with a wide range of choices among health care plans. The proposed legislation would create an unfair playing field for non-physician providers, like advanced practice nurses, by giving an unprecedented exempt to physicians from antitrust law.

Several nursing organizations, including ANA, sent the following letter to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives to express our strong opposition to HR 1304. ANA urges all nurses to contact their representatives in Congress to reinforce that message. Letter | Fact Sheet

ANA Convention Brings Hot Topics in Health Care to the Forefront

Medical errors, staffing, managed care and pain management are among the hot topics featured in convention's educational sessions
The American Nurses Association (ANA) will address many of today's major topics in health care at its 2000 Biennial Convention in Indianapolis, IN, June 23-28, at the Indianapolis Convention Center. The convention offers unmatched opportunities to meet with nurse leaders from across the country and to hear the profession's ideas and concerns on issues that affect nurses and those for whom they care. Press Release

Nyack Nurses Win Safe Staffing Measures

The 400 nurses at Nyack Hospital overwhelmingly approved a five-year contract May 19 that contains provisions to ensure safe staffing and improve working conditions.

The nurses, who are represented by the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA), are to return to work May 30, after a 151-day strike.

"I'm very proud of this union," said registered nurse Lynn Byrnes, who was quoted in The New York Times. "It makes me proud to be a part of this profession."

Under the new contract, a labor-management committee will be created to develop staffing guidelines, which must be in place within nine months, for each of the hospital's units. If the hospital then fails to follow the guidelines, NYSNA will have the right to take the matter to arbitration.

The contract includes a financial provision to discourage the hospital from forcing nurses to work overtime. Full-time nurses would have the right to refuse mandatory overtime four times each year. Visit the NYSNA webpage for more details.

St. Vincent RNs Ratify Three-year Contract with Tenet

The historic 49-day strike by 615 registered nurses at St. Vincent Hospital/Worcester Medical Center officially ended late last week with a vote of 358 - 5 by the rank and file membership in favor of their first union contract with Tenet Health Care.

The pact, which will run from Jan. 1, 2000 - Jan. 1, 2003, includes strict limits on mandatory overtime, provides nurses with a voice in decisions around staffing and nursing practice issues, calls for the phase out of a controversial flex time policy, and provides the nurses with a protected voice and binding arbitration regarding issues related to their move into the new Worcester Medical Center facility.

ANA President Mary Foley and UAN Chair Cheryl Johnson sent the following message to the nurses: "Congratulations! You are true heroes in the fight to preserve safe patient care! Your victory is a victory for nurses and their patients everywhere. Excessive mandatory overtime is simply unsafe and unacceptable. We applaud your courage and professionalism for striking over such an important issue and making this dangerous practice visible to the public and policymakers. Your strength and unity have won a fair contract that allows you to practice safely and care for patients. Your success is a testament to the power of collective bargaining!"

For more details of the contract, refer to the MNA website.

Landmine Treaty-Training and Advocacy Day

On March 1, the Mine Ban Treaty marked its one-year anniversary of entry into force. To date, 137 countries have signed the treaty, and it has been ratified by 94 countries. The Clinton Administration’s current position is that the U.S. will sign the treaty by 2006 if alternatives to the weapon have been found and fielded. On July 8-11, the Physicians for Human Rights is hosting a Landmines Training and Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. For additional information, contact the Physicians for Human Rights at, or call Holly Burkhalter at 202-728-5335.

Ohio Nurses Association Appoints New Executive Director

On April 10, Gingy Harshey-Meade, MSN, RN, CNAA, began work as the executive director of the Ohio Nurses Association (ONA). Harshey-Meade comes to ONA from Elkhart, KS where she was the assistant health system administrator for patient care services. Prior to moving to Kansas, she was employed in a leadership role at the New Jersey Veterans Affairs Health Care System. She has been extremely active in her constituent member associations, having served New Jersey as treasurer, and as an ANA delegate. She brings to Ohio a unique combination of leadership and management skills that will further ONA’s goals and growth in the new millennium.

Patients’ Bill of Rights Update

On May 3, ANA First Vice President, Barbara Blakeney, MS, RN, CS, ANP, and a small group of other leaders of provider and advocacy organizations met at the White House to discuss legislative strategies regarding the Patients’Bill of Rights.

Participants at the meeting expressed concern that negotiations between House and Senate conferees on H.R. 2990, the managed care reform legislation based on the Patients’ Bill of Rights, have moved very slowly in recent weeks, and that time may run out before an acceptable resolution to differences in the two bills is achieved in this election year. Meeting participants included White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, Department of Labor Secretary Alexis Herman and Health Policy Advisor to the President Chris Jennings, among others.

ANA urges all nurses to contact their senators and representatives to urge enactment of the House-passed bill, H.R. 2990, the only comprehensive, bipartisan bill that holds health plans accountable for their actions and offers a full range of protections to all Americans who hold employment-based health insurance or who buy their own insurance. The final version of the legislation must also protect nurses from retaliation when they advocate for their patients.

NYSNA Wins National Award for Work on Latex Allergy

NYSNA has won a national award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) for its efforts to prevent and control the incidence of latex allergy.

ASAE honored NYSNA with this award for its ongoing educational outreach efforts, including its presentation of continuing education modules in its monthly newsletter; a series of workshops statewide on the prevention and control of latex allergy; and the production of a booklet and video on the subject. In addition, nurses can earn continuing education units for an online course on the subject, available through the NYSNA website at “The health and safety of nurses is a top priority of NYSNA,” said Barbara Garrett, director of NYSNA’s nursing education program. “We’re glad to be recognized with this national award for the work we’re constantly doing on this vital issue.”

"Preventing Needlestick Injuries: The Time Is Now! Safe Needles Save Lives."

"Needlestick Injuries: The Time Is Now!" was broadcasted live via satellite, Internet and videoconferencing on May 12, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. EST.

 -- Do you have a question you would have asked? Or you may have an additional question you'd like to ask. Please send your questions via e-mail to You have until May 26.

Click here for more information on the teleconference...,
... here for ANA Press Release.

Victory for Mass. RNs

In a historic ending to a 42-day strike, registered nurses represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) at St. Vincent Hospital/Worcester Medical Center in Worcester reached a tentative agreement of their first contract with Tenet Health Care. The pact, which still needs to be presented to the rank and file membership for a ratification vote, includes key provisions the nurses had sought throughout the strike. Specifically, the contract places strict limits on the amount of mandatory overtime, calls for the phase out of a controversial flex time policy, and provides the nurses with a protected voice and binding arbitration regarding issues related to their move into the new Worcester Medical Center facility. ANA President Mary Foley, MS, RN, applauded the news calling it a "victory for nurses and their patients across the country."

The agreement was reached on May 11 in talks hosted by Sen. Edward Kennedy and Congressman James McGovern in the offices of Sen. Kennedy in Washington D.C. The talks progressed quickly once Tenet agreed to back off its demand for the right to mandate up to eight hours of overtime, a practice the nurses opposed because of its negative impact on patient care.

For more information, visit MNA's website at

ANA Calls Pact a Win For Nurses And Patients - Tentative Agreement Reached in Mass. Strike

The American Nurses Association (ANA) applauded yesterday's tentative agreement between the nurses at St. Vincent's hospital in Worcester, Mass, who have been on strike since March 31, and management. The nurses, who are represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association, went out on strike in response to the facility's demand for mandatory overtime -- that nurses work up to 16 hours straight.

Read the Press Release |  Previous News.

Latex Brochure Available

ANA’s Latex Allergy brochure has been reprinted. This brochure, part of ANA’s Workplace Information Series, educates nurses on risks and reduction strategies and gives tips on what nurses can do in their own workplace. The brochure may be ordered in bulk quantities by calling 800/274-4ANA(4262) x7208, or by e-mailing: and requesting item # WP-7.

ANA will be releasing a guide for selecting medical gloves including latex-free and other alternatives later this year.

Another New FREE Online CE Module - Nursing Nomenclature and Classification Systems with International Perspectives

This module contains two scholarly articles:

  1. Nursing Nomenclature and Classification System Development, by Marjory Gordon, PhD, RN, FAAN
  2. The International Classification for Nursing Practice Project, by June Clarke, DBE, PhD, RN, RHV, FRCN.

This module, (as well as the rest of the modules), are free for Nurses Week.   Read it Now...

Nurses Share Personal Stories of Back Injuries

ANA President Mary Foley, MS, RN and two nurse members who have suffered disabling, work-related back injuries -- Beth Piknick, RN, from Boston, Mass., and Becky Rice, RN, from Washington, D. C. testified in support of OSHA's proposed ergonomics standard at a hearing in Washington D.C. on May 8. Read their testimony.

ANA Recognizes Nurses During National Nurses Week (May 6-12)

ANA President, Mary Foley, MS, RN shares a special message with nurses nationwide.

President Clinton's letter and Vice President Gore's Statement commemorating NNW.

All online CE modules will be free during National Nurses Week. The modules feature personalized, ANCC* accredited online certificates instantly upon completion.

On May 10, representatives of ANA, FedNA and ANCC will lay wreaths at the nurses’ memorials at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and at Arlington Cemetery.

On May 12 ANA will hold a teleconference on preventing needlesticks from 1:30 - 3:30 pm EST. More than 180 sites are available to participants.

New OJIN Ethics Column

In the new Online Journal Of Issues In Nursing (OJIN) ethics column, Dr. Ludwick and Dr. Silva address the important issues of ethics in epublishing regarding: quality, security, and access. Specific information is given regarding steps individuals and editors can take to assure ethical practice in this new media. Emphasis is placed on readers' responsibilities in considering ethical questions as they reflect on the materials read and used in their professional work. Look to this informative column to help you in determining ethical responsibility in the world of technology.

Preventing Errors Using Medical Products - A Live, Interactive Satellite Teleconference: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. EDT

This satellite video teleconference, co-sponsored by the Food and Drug Administration and The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, will help healthcare professionals identify, understand, prevent and resolve errors related to the use of medical products.

Using a case study format, a panel of risk managers will describe and analyze actual incidents of medical error and share with the audience what was learned about preventing and managing errors. Medical error experts will explain and synthesize the cases. The errors will involve drug, medical device and blood products. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask the panelists questions during the program.

For additional information on teleconference panelists, schedule, case studies, and viewing locations visit the Center for Devices and Radiological Health website.

MNA To Picket During National Nurses Week (NNW)

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) has designated May 7 as a day for all nurses to join our colleagues at St. Vincent Hospital/Worcester Medical Center, who are still on strike against Tenet Health Care.

Their Fight is Our Fight – Help Send the Message:

“Exhausted Nurses = Unsafe Care.”

For more information contact: David Schildmeier, MNA Director of Public Communications

New ANA Study Provides More Proof of Link Between RN Staffing and Quality Patient Care

The American Nurses Association (ANA) released the results of a study documenting that hospitalized patients have better outcomes in hospitals with higher staffing levels and higher ratios of RNs in the staffing mix. Read the Executive Summary | Press Release | Op-Ed: Ration Nursing Care – And Patients Pay

New Additions to the ANA Bookstore:

Gerontological Nursing
Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
Nursing Administration
Essentials of Pain Management   More...

Nurses Week - GWU Hospital Offers 5 Educational Offerings, Reception, and Awards

"Our hospital's plans for Nurses Week include: Five educational offerings with CEUs and lunch, a breakfast for the RN night staff, and a reception are scheduled for the RN staff from May 8th through May 12th. Two of the highlights of the week will be the annual Sheila M. McCarthy Award for Excellence In Nursing, and a presentation by three of the hospital's RN members of a Surgery Team that went to Egypt last November to perform several open heart surgeries. The Surgery Team was invited by special invitation from the Egyptian Minister of Defense.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share with other RNs some of the ways that The George Washington University Hospital demonstrates their appreciation to and recognition of the RN staff."

The Nurses' Week Celebration Committee at The George Washington University

Nurses Week - Honoring Pioneer Nurses in Virginia

"Virginia Nurses is hosting the second in our Centennial Celebrations on May 3 with a gala honoring Pioneer Nurses in Virginia. Those trailblazing nurses, members and nonmembers, were sought via a nominations process; names were selected by a nonpartisan committee and next week we honor 51 Pioneers for nursing in the state. Among those selected are Virginia Henderson, Elizabeth Carnegie, Elnora Daniel and numerous "founding mothers"."

Jan Johnson, MSN, RN, Executive Director, Virginia Nurses Association

Nurses Week - Olympus Specialty Hospital - Ventilator Unit, Waltham, Ma

"We're taking photos of all the nurses and posting them with a caption on who they are and what they like to do. We're also having a raffle with the grand prize being a nursing tote bag filled with goodies. In addition, we're having a masseuse come in and we'll also be having bagel and ice cream sundae days!"

Moira Winston, RN Clinical Leader

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