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The Business Roundtable Launches Advertising Campaign Thanking Senators for Supporting Common-Sense Health Care Reforms
Contact: John Schachter

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Release Date: 07/27/2000

Washington, DC — The Business Roundtable (BRT) announced today it will run television and print advertisements in selected states thanking Senators for supporting a patients’ bill of rights that is “right” for families and employers.  The advertisements will begin airing the first day of the congressional August recess.

“The Senate has passed a patients’ bill of rights that protects patients and allows doctors to make medical decisions, without increasing costs or the number of uninsured,” said Lewis Campbell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Textron Inc., and chair of BRT’s Health and Retirement Task Force.  “Thanks to those Senators who voted for this legislation, employers can continue to voluntarily provide an important benefit to their workers, and employees can count on having the health insurance they need and deserve for themselves and their families,” said Campbell.

The Senate-passed patients’ bill of rights embraces three critical tenets of health care reform.  One, it keeps health care costs down so families and individuals can afford insurance; two, it ensures more people are insured; and three, it allows doctors to make medical decisions.  The Kennedy-Dingell-Norwood bill, which was defeated twice in the Senate, would subject employers to costly, unlimited lawsuits that could force many to drop health care coverage for their employees.

The TV advertisement depicts three consumers sharing what they think is the right kind of reform.  “Watch the cost.  I can only afford so much,” says a security guard.  “What about the millions who don’t have insurance?  Help them,” states a shop owner.  “Let doctors make medical decisions.  That’s their job,” concludes a construction worker.  The advertisement points out that their Senator has already voted for these reforms and thanks him for doing so.  Similarly, the print ad thanks the Senator for supporting the right kind of health care reforms.  Scripts of the television and print advertisements are attached.

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