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TV Ad Script "BRT Supports the “RIGHT” Kind of Health Care Reform"

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TV Ad "BRT Supports the “RIGHT” Kind of Health Care Reform"

TV Ad Script "BRT Supports the “RIGHT” Kind of Health Care Reform"

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Health Care Reform
What's right for you?
Congress is working on health care reform.
But what's right for you?
1. Worker in uniform 1. Hey, watch the cost. I can only afford to pay so much.
2. Shop owner 2. What about the millions who don't have insurance? Help them.
3. Construction worker 3. Just let doctors make medical decisions-that's their job.
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Senator Abraham has voted for:
Affordable Care
More People Insured
Doctors Making Decisions

For information on health care reform visit

V/O: Senator Spencer Abraham has voted for health care reforms that are right for Michigan families and employers.
1. Worker in uniform
(over video)
Thanks, Senator Abraham.
1. Thanks Senator Abraham.
Good job.
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December 8, 1999
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