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SBO: I’m Ernie George. Ever since I started Side Winder Pumps in Lafayette, I’ve tried to treat my employees like family. Take health insurance. I’d never risk my family’s health without insurance, and my employees deserve the same. So, I provide coverage, despite the high cost. But now, some in Washington want to make it even more expensive.

ANNCR: There’s a new bill in Congress —Ted Kennedy’s Patients Bill of Rights. No, it won’t provide insurance for 43 million uninsured Americans. No, it won’t make insurance cheaper. Instead, it increases costs by more than $200 per family* and leaves two million more people uninsured.**

SBO: My insurance costs already went up this year. That made it even harder to provide coverage for my employees. I’m not asking for Congress’ help. But the least they can do is not make things worse.

ANNCR: If you think health insurance already costs too much, call Congress today at 1-800-384-7023 and tell them to vote against the Kennedy Bill, 1-800-384-7023.


Paid for by The Health Benefits Coalition

*Towers Perrin – Average 1999 health care costs per family is $5,652

CBO – analysis of the Kennedy-Dingell Patients’ Bill of Rights estimates a 4% annual increase

**The Barents Group, 1998