Today’s Health Care Check-Up: — January 18, 2000

Public Favors Employer-Based Health Care System

A recent survey conducted for the Commonwealth Fund indicates strong public support for employer-based health care – more reason for Congress not to expand the "right" to sue, which would subject employers to unlimited liability and force many to stop voluntarily providing health coverage to their employees.

According to the survey:

    • 49% said employers should continue to be the main source of health coverage for workers
    • 23% said workers should select their own coverage
    • 18% said the government should provide coverage directly

Even those Americans without health insurance favored employer-sponsored health care:

    • 35% of uninsured preferred employer coverage
    • 27% of uninsured supported purchasing their own coverage
    • 24% of uninsured preferred government-provided coverage

Don’t threaten the future of employer-sponsored health care by expanding the "right" to sue.

A "Patients’ Bill of Rights" Shouldn’t Be a "Lawyer’s Right to Bill".