Today's Health Care Check-Up: - July 28, 2000

New Survey Shows Support for a Patients’ Bill of Rights Collapses if Employers Could Be Forced to Drop Coverage Due to New Lawsuits

"The poll also suggests that some popular health care initiatives may not be quite as popular as many politicians believe. …Support falls by more than 30 percentage points when supporters are asked if they would still support a patients’ bill of rights if it meant that ‘some companies might stop offering health care plans to their workers’ – an argument raised by opponents of patients’ rights provisions that allow workers to sue their health plans."

The Washington Post, 7/28/00, on a July survey of 1,183 registered voters by The Washington Post, Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University

In fact, more than one-third of employers have said they would be forced to drop health care coverage for their employees if they are subjected to unlimited, costly lawsuits such as those allowed by the Kennedy-Dingell-Norwood patients’ bill of rights (Hewitt employer survey).

Don’t support legislation that threatens America’s employer-sponsored health care system.

Oppose the Kennedy-Dingell-Norwood Patients’ Bill of Rights.