Today's Health Care Check-Up: - September 27, 2000

Today’s Headlines Reveal A Growing Health Care Crisis


"Health Care Costs Will Pinch Employers

Insurance Squeeze Also to Hit Workers"

— The Washington Post, 9/26/00


"Frustration Grows With Cost of Health Insurance"

The New York Times, 9/18/00


"HMO Costs Spur Employers to Shift Plans"

The New York Times, 9/6/00


"Prosperity Doesn’t Cover the Uninsured"

USA Today, 9/25/00


Rising health care costs have been a frequent topic in major national newspapers during the month of September, and rightly so. Steadily increasing health care costs and the growing number of uninsured are both approaching crisis proportions, but amazingly some in Congress are pushing health care reforms that will only make both of these realities even worse.

The Dingell-Norwood-Kennedy patients’ bill of rights would subject employers to unlimited lawsuits, which in turn would lead to even higher health care costs and more Americans who don’t have health insurance at all. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Dingell-Norwood-Kennedy bill would increase costs an additional 4.1 percent, which translates into an additional 1.3 million more uninsured (Barents Group LLC).

As today’s headlines show, rising health care costs and the growing number of uninsured, which now totals 45 million, should be Congress’s primary health care concerns. Unfortunately, the Dingell-Norwood-Kennedy patients’ bill of rights would only make these realities worse.

Health Care Is Already Expensive – Don’t Make It Worse

Oppose the Dingell-Norwood-Kennedy

Patients’ Bill of Rights