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There’s only about a year until Congress comes up for re-election. Yet many Republicans and Democrats seem to have forgotten who sent them to Washington. Some Republicans have actually been hobnobbing with President Clinton and his biggest financial backers—America’s trial lawyers—in support of legislation they’re calling "the Patients’ Bill of Rights." But what it really does is give government bureaucrats the freedom to create more regulations and more red tape…and give trial lawyers more opportunities to cash in on all kinds of frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately, that adds up to higher health care costs for everyone-- more than $200 per family-- costs that could force small employers to drop health insurance coverage altogether.

Let Congressman ___________ know you want him (her) on your side. Call 1-800 384-7023 and tell him (her) to keep government bureaucrats – and the trial lawyers – out of your health care. And urge him (her) to oppose the Dingell-Norwood Bill.

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