Senate "Patient Protection" Vote A Clear Victory For Consumers


CONTACT: Richard Coorsh

June 8, 2000

(202) 824-1787


The following statement was released today by Chip Kahn, President of the Health Insurance Association of America:

The Senate’s decision to table the so-called "patient protection" amendment offered by Senators Daschle and Kennedy to the defense department authorization bill is a clear victory for consumers seeking affordable, high-quality health coverage. Once again, Senators have gone on record against so-called "reforms" that would expose employers, insurers, and health plans to the crushing costs of expanded liability.

While trial lawyers would no doubt benefit from having easy access to the courts under this amendment, the high costs that would result would force millions more Americans onto the rolls of the uninsured. We commend the Senate for putting the interests of consumers ahead of those of the trial bar, and we hope that this vote sends a strong signal to members of the House-Senate conference committee meeting on this issue.



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