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July 10, 2001 
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Health Care

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Health Care Information Sheet


Donít Play Doctor
With our Nationís Health Care System!

American businesses provide health care voluntarily to their employees: 129 million Americans get their health care that way. But, too much reform will cost too many workers their health coverage.

Manufacturers Provide Health Benefits. . . For Now
  • NAM members work hard to provide the best health care benefits possible for our employees. 99 percent of our members offer health benefits to their full-time employees, and more than 97 percent offer dependent coverage.
  • Legislation like the Norwood-Dingell "Consensus Bipartisan Managed Care Improvement Act" (H.R. 2723) and the Kennedy-Dingell Patientsí Bill of Rights Act (S. 6 / H.R. 358)  threaten to price health benefits out of reach of employers and employees alike.
Keep Lawyers Out of Health Care
  • The Norwood-Dingell and the Kennedy-Dingell bills would allow employees to sue their employers for malpractice. Businesses Ė particularly small businesses Ė canít afford that type of liability. Manufacturers will shift the increased costs to employees or drop health coverage.
  • Businesses do not have to provide health care. If doing so would put them out of business, they wonít!
Cost and Quality Count
  • Norwood-Dingell and Kennedy-Dingellís "medical necessity" provisions would re-ignite the raging health care inflation of the late 1980ís and early 1990ís.
  • Managed care has worked to largely eliminate regional disparities in medical treatment. "Medical necessity" provisions would allow uneven and sometimes dangerous health care practices.

One-size-fits-all government solutions mean higher costs and fewer insured Americans. This is anything but smaller and more efficient government in action!

Oppose the Norwood-Dingell and the Kennedy-Dingell Bills

NAM STAFF CONTACT: Neil Trautwein, (202) 637-3127, ntrautwein@nam.org, Human Resources Policy Department

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