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July 10, 2001 
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106th Congress, 1st Session - House

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Key Manufacturing Vote Card - Patients' Bill of Rights (House), 10-99

October 6, 1999

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the more than 14,000 members of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), including approximately 10,000 small manufacturers, I urge you to cast a "nay" vote on the Norwood-Dingell (H.R. 2723) managed care bill, and any other legislation or amendment that would increase liability for plans or employers.

The NAM will consider votes throughout this debate as candidates for designation as a Key Manufacturing Vote in the NAM’s Voting Record for the 106th Congress. These votes may include—but are not limited to—the following issues:

  • The Norwood-Dingell "Bipartisan Consensus Managed Care Improvement Act" (H.R. 2723) or similar proposals;
  • Any form of health care liability for employers or health plans.
  • "Medical necessity" provisions; and
  • Other health insurance mandates.

The NAM opposes any legislation that would drive up costs, leave employers open to medical malpractice and personal injury suits, increase the government’s role in the health care delivery system or shift funds from health care to trial lawyers through the creation of new causes for litigation against plans and insurers. By holding employers and health plans liable, manufacturers will be forced to reduce benefits, shift the increased costs to employees, or drop health coverage all together.

Jerry Jasinowski

October 7, 1999

Dear Representative:

Yesterday, on a "Key Vote" card similar to this, I wrote to you in opposition to the Norwood-Dingell (H.R. 2723) managed care bill. To reaffirm our position, I urge you today to cast a "no" vote on the Norwood-Dingell bill and a "yes" vote on the Boehner amendment.

The NAM would prefer that Congress take the limited step of adopting only well-crafted binding external review. This approach would ensure health plan accountability without jeopardizing existing employer-based health coverage – as the Norwood-Dingell bill would do. The Boehner bill is the only bill that presents this option.

I urge your caution in evaluating the respective amendments today. We hope that when our members and their employees see the results of this vote, we are in a position to tell them their Congressman did the right thing. Above all else, though, I urge you to vote "no" on the Norwood-Dingell bill and "yes" on the Boehner bill.

Jerry Jasinowski

*Votes considered for designation as NAM Key Manufacturing Votes are approved in advance by
our members who serve on the Key Vote Advisory Committee.  Eligibility for the NAM's Award
for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence for the 106th Congress will be based on a member's
record on Key Manufacturing Votes.

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