Sen. Reid Press Release


December 15, 2000

Washington, D.C. United States Senator Harry Reid successfully obtained more than $30 million in funding for Nevada related projects today as part of the final FY 2001 Commerce, Justice and State budget package.

"This bill contains important funding to help Nevada communities with law enforcement and security efforts as well as money to fight deadly methamphetamine and for an innovative half-way house for Reno and Las Vegas," said Reid, The Senate's Assistant Democratic Leader.

As a members of the Senate Appropriations Committee Reid also fought to include more than $12 million dollars in continued funding for claims by victims living downwind of nuclear tests conducted in Nevada.

"We must live up to out nation's commitment to those "downwinders" who became victims of our nuclear weapons program, and this funding will allow us to continue providing compensation for those impacted by atomic testing in Nevada and Utah," Reid said.

Under Reid's Law enforcement agencies in Nye and Clark County would also receive a total of $2.25 million in federal funding to purchase new technology under Reid's bill.

"In the 21st century technology plays an important role in aiding law enforcement agencies in protecting lives and property. Under these COPS grants, law enforcement agencies in both Nye and Clark County will have the funding and the flexibility to address specific technology needs in their jurisdictions," Reid said.

For the third year in row, Reid was also successful in obtaining federal funding for the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium located at Nevada Test Site. The program serves as a national training center for emergency response personnel from across the nation who attend a one to two weeks of training which combines both classroom instruction and simulated terrorist threats.

"Communities in Nevada and across the nation must have well trained emergency crews that are prepared for the frightening scenario of a chemical or biological attack. The Nevada Test Site provides an ideal setting for this training, and the counter-terrorism training program fits perfectly into on-going efforts to find new and innovative uses for this unique facility in the Nevada desert," said Reid.

Reid initially funded the counter-terrorism training facility at NTS as part of the FY 1999 budget, and was successful in increasing funding to $3.5 million in FY 2000 to improve and expand the program. Reid was able to increase this year's funding to $4.5 million.

The following is a summary of Nevada related projects in the Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary, Treasury and General Government and Legislative Branch Appropriations bills:

Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary Appropriations

$4.5 million Nat'l Domestic Preparedness Consortium (Nevada Test Site)
$5 million Nat'l Council of Judicial & Family Court Judges (UNR)
$2.9 million Regional Climate (UNR)
$2 million Clark County COPS technology
$250,000 Nye County COPS technology
$750,000 National Judicial College (UNR)
$12.8 million Radiation Exposure Compensation Act.(Downwinders)
$1.175 million US Courthouse Security (Lloyd George Fed. Courthouse)
$250,000 Nye County Meth initiative
$400,000 Ridge House treatment facilities in LV and Reno
$500,000 Nat'l export/trade database at the Int'l Trade Association ( promotes tourism and trade w/in Commerce Dept)

Other Misc. Provisions

The FY01 CJSJ Appropriations bill also includes report language which directs the Immigration and Naturalization Service to study backlogs and staffing levels at various offices throughout the country, one of which is the INS office in Las Vegas.

The FY2001 Treasury and General Government Appropriations bill also includes your provision to extend current law (in the FY2000 bill) to ensure fair and equitable coverage of FDA approved contraceptives to Federal employees insured through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

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