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Copyright 2000 The National Journal, Inc.  
The National Journal

February 5, 2000

SECTION: CONGRESS; Pg. 387; Vol. 32, No. 6

LENGTH: 2629 words

HEADLINE: Key Roll-Call Votes Used for the Ratings


Here are the 50 Senate and 74 House votes on which National
Journal's 1999 vote ratings are based. The Congressional Record
roll-call number is followed by the bill number, a description of
the vote, the date, the outcome, the prevailing side-conservative
(C) or liberal (L)-and the weight given to each (from 1 for the
lowest weight to 3 for the highest) based on how closely the vote
fits the overall pattern.
Economic (21 votes)
41/S280: Table President Clinton's proposal to hire 100,000 new
teachers. March 11. (55-44) C-3
42/S280: Permit local school agencies to reallocate, to special-
education programs, funds previously appropriated for new
teachers. March 11. (61-38) C-3
53/S544: Table proposal to encourage states to use for anti-
smoking and farmer-aid programs 50 percent of their funds from
settlement of their litigation with tobacco companies. March 18.
(71-29) C-1
64/SConRes20: Approve procedural motion to increase funding for
National Institutes of Health research. March 25. (47-52; 60
votes required to waive Senate rule) C-2
65/SConRes20: Express the sense of the Senate that Congress
should support bipartisan recommendations for Medicare reform.
March 25. (56-43) C-3
71/SConRes20: Table proposal that would strike proposed tax cuts
from fiscal 2000 budget and would replace them with increased
debt reduction. March 25. (67-32) C-2
74/SConRes20: Table proposal that would reduce tax cuts in fiscal
2000 budget and replace them with increased child care support.
March 25. (40-57) L-3
76/SConRes20: Procedural vote to permit increased tobacco taxes
in fiscal 2000 budget to pay for a prescription drug benefit
program. March 25. (54-44; 60 votes required) C-3
81/HConRes68: Approve fiscal 2000 budget resolution. March 25.
(55-44) C-3
105/S900: Approve financial services regulatory reform. May 6.
(54-44) C-3
144/S1059: Require Health and Human Services Department report on
self-sufficiency of former welfare recipients. May 25. (49-50) C-
161/S96: Limit the time that companies are protected against Y2K
liability lawsuits to 1999. June 10. (41-57) C-3
165/HR775: Approve restrictions on Y2K legal liability. June 15.
(62-37) C-2
176/HR1664: Establish loan-guarantee programs for steel, and oil
and gas industries. June 18. (63-34) L-2
210/S1344: Approve Republican-sponsored patient's bill of rights.
July 15. (53-47) C-3
226/S1429: Approve substitute proposal to reduce federal income
taxes by $ 290 billion over 10 years. July 28. (39-60) C-3
247/S1429: Approve proposal to reduce federal income taxes by $792 billion over 10 years. July 30. (57-43) C-3
261/HR2488: Approve conference report on tax cut. Aug. 5. (50-49)
290/HR2466: Prohibit a proposed new oil-royalty valuation system
for drilling on federal lands. Sept. 23. (51-47) C-3
302/S1650: Table proposal to increase funding for social-service
block grants. Sept. 30. (39-57) L-2
356/S625: Table proposal to increase minimum wage to $ 6.15 by
January 2001. Nov. 9. (50-48) C-3
Social (19 votes)
101/S900: Table proposal to strike exemption of small banks from
Community Reinvestment Act requirements. May 5. (52-45) C-3
112/S254: Permit private gun-sellers to view federal information
on the background of purchasers at guns shows. May 12. (53-45) C-
116/S254: Table proposal to prohibit import of large automatic-
clip firearm devices. May 13. (39-59) L-2
122/S254: Prohibit the sale of handguns without a safety device.
May 18. (78-20) L-2
130/S254: Table proposal to require state actions that reduce the
share of racial minorities in the juvenile-justice system. May
19. (52-48) C-3
131/S254: Require federal review of violence in movies or
television shows produced on federal property. May 19. (66-34) C-
133/S254: Require background checks on persons who purchase
handguns from pawnshops. May 20. (79-21) L-2
134/S254: Require background checks on persons who buy guns at
gun shows. May 20. (51-50; Vice President Gore broke tie) L-3
140/S254: Approve renewal of juvenile-justice program and include
new gun control restrictions. May 20. (73-25) L-1
148/S1059: Table repeal of prohibition on privately funded
abortions at overseas U.S. military hospitals. May 26. (51-49) C-
194/S1282: Table proposal to encourage reduced alcohol use by
minors. July 1. (58-40) C-2
197/S1282: Table proposal to prohibit federal health plans from
financing abortions except in cases of rape or incest or when the
mother's life is endangered. July 1. (47-51) C-3
217/S1217: Approve $ 25 million for an advertising campaign to
prevent alcohol use by minors. July 22. (43-54) C-2
260/HR2466: Table proposal to eliminate funding for the National
Endowment for the Arts. Aug. 5. (80-16) L-1
307: Confirm Ronnie L. White of Missouri to be a federal district
court judge. Oct. 5. (45-54) C-3
309: Confirm Raymond C. Fisher of California to be a federal
appeals court judge. Oct. 5. (69-29) L-2
337/S1692: Express support for the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs.
Wade decision. Oct. 21. (51-47) L-3
340/S1692: Approve ban on late-term procedure known as partial-
birth abortion. Oct. 21. (63-34) C-2
360/S625: Stiffen penalties for various drug-related offenses.
Nov. 10. (50-49) C-3
Foreign (10 votes)
54/S544: Table requirement that a law be passed before U.S. may
support admission of China into the World Trade Organization.
March 18. (69-30) L-1
57/SConRes21: Authorize Clinton to wage aircraft and missile
operations as part of the NATO campaign against Yugoslavia. March
23. (58-41) L-3
145/S1059: Table proposed prohibition on U.S. ground forces in
Yugoslavia. May 25. (52-48) L-2
149/S1059: Table proposal to strike requirement that U.S. retain
existing nuclear weapons unless Russia ratifies START II arms-
reduction agreement. May 26. (56-44) C-3
151/S1059: Table prohibition on funds for U.S. military
operations in the Kosovo conflict after Oct. 1, 1999. May 26.
(77-21) L-2
157/S1122: Table proposal to strike leasing of executive jets for
senior Pentagon officers. June 8. (66-31) C-1
189/S1234: Table proposal to bar presidential regulation of U.S.
citizens traveling to Cuba. June 30. (55-43) C-2
259: Confirm Richard C. Holbrooke as U.S. representative to the
United Nations. Aug. 5. (81-16) L-1
312/HR2606: Approve conference report for fiscal 2000 foreign-
operations appropriation. Oct. 6. (51-49) C-3
325: Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. Oct. 13.
(48-51) C-3
Economic (24 votes)
16/HR350: Permit votes on provisions to reduce health and safety
mandates on the private sector. Feb. 10. (203-216) C-2
17/HR350: Approve limitations on legislative steps that impose
federal mandates on the private sector. Feb. 10. (274-149) C-2
20/HR391: Waive fines for specified violations of federal
paperwork requirements. Feb. 11. (274-151) C-2
39/HR800: Require states to have a plan to assess student
performance before seeking waiver from federal rules for
education programs. March 10. (196-228) C-3
41/HR800: Approve "Ed-Flex" proposal that gives states more
flexibility to meet federal rules for education programs. March
11. (330-90) C-2
56/HR975: Reduce imports of steel products into the U.S. March
17. (289-141) L-1
64/HR800: Instruct House conferees to reject Senate provision
that lets local schools redirect funds for new teachers and
allocate them to special education. March 23. (205-222) C-3
76/HConRes68: Substitute Democratic version of the fiscal 2000
budget resolution, including steps to require Social Security
solvency. March 25. (173-250) C-3
77/HConRes68: Approve fiscal 2000 budget resolution. March 25.
(221-208) C-3
90/HJRes37: Approve a constitutional amendment to require a two-
thirds vote in the House and Senate to raise taxes. April 15.
(229-199; failed to receive the required two-thirds) L-3
110/HR833: Reduce the threshold to meet means-testing
requirements for bankruptcy eligibility. May 5. (184-238) C-2
112/HR833: Exempt small businesses from bankruptcy rules if the
result could be a loss of jobs. May 5. (143-278) C-3
115/HR833: Revise federal bankruptcy rules. May 5. (313-108) C-2
128/HR775: Limit legal liability for Y2K computer problems. May
12. (236-190) C-3
320/HR1995: Establish a federal block grant to combine three
existing education programs for teachers. July 20. (239-185) C-3
331/HR2488: Substitute Democratic version of a proposed tax cut.
July 22. (173-258) C-3
333/HR2488: Reduce taxes by $ 792 billion over 10 years with
various individual cuts. July 22. (223-208) C-3
336/HR1074: Require the Office of Management and Budget to give
Congress an annual cost-benefit analysis of federal regulations.
July 26. (254-157) C-3
366/HR987: Require the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration to delay issuing ergonomics rules, pending further
study. Aug. 3. (217-209) C-3
443/HR1875: Remove to federal courts certain class-action
lawsuits filed in state courts. Sept. 23. (222-207) C-3
485/HR2990: Provide tax breaks for medical-savings accounts and
other health benefits. Oct. 6. (227-205) C-3
490/HR2723: Establish a patients' "bill of rights" in dealing
with health maintenance organizations. Oct. 7. (275-151) L-2
521/HR2: Authorize a voucher program for students attending any
school that is designated by their governor as an "academic
emergency." Oct. 21. (166-257) L-2
532/HR2300: Establish a pilot program of block grants to states
that develop student performance goals. Oct. 21. (213-208) C-3
Social (29 votes)
60/HR121: Denounce individuals and groups that promote racism and
other prejudice, as an alternative to condemning the Council of
Conservative Citizens. March 23. (254-152; failed to receive the
two-thirds required to suspend House rules) L-2
173/HR1906: Bar funding for Food and Drug Administration review
of a drug for the chemical inducement of abortion. June 8. (217-
214) C-3
184/HR1401: Permit privately funded abortions at overseas U.S.
military hospitals. June 9. (203-225) C-3
211/HR1501: Increase penalties for firearms offenses by
juveniles. June 16. (249-181) C-2
213/HR1501: Prohibit the sale to juveniles of published or
recorded materials with sexual or violent depictions. June 16.
(146-282) L-2
215/HR1501: Bar federal courts from ordering release of a
convicted felon from prison because of overcrowding. June 16.
(296-133) C-2
218/HR1501: Require schools to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy on
drugs. June 16. (184-243) L-1
221/HR1501: Permit state and local governments to display the Ten
Commandments on public property. June 17. (248-180) C-3
223/HR1501: Prohibit discrimination by the Office of Juvenile
Justice and Delinquency Prevention based on religion. June 17.
(210-216) L-3
229/HR1501: Provide civil immunity for education professionals
who seek to maintain classroom order. June 17. (300-126) C-2
232/HR1501: Authorize the Clinton Administration's "COPS" program
and other school-safety steps. June 17. (191-233) C-3
233/HR1501: Authorize juvenile-justice programs. June 17. (287-
139) C-2
234/HR2122: Require gun show dealers to perform background checks
on gun buyers within 24 hours. June 17. (218-211) C-2
235/HR2122: Require certain gun show dealers to perform
background checks within three days. June 17. (193-235) C-3
236/HR2122: Prohibit the sale of handguns without safety devices.
June 18. (311-115) L-1
238/HR2122: Bar juveniles from possessing a semiautomatic assault
weapon. June 18. (354-69) L-1
240/HR2122: Repeal the District of Columbia statute that
prohibits firearm possession. June 18. (175-250) L-2
252/HJRes33: Amend the Constitution to prohibit the desecration
of the U.S. flag. June 24. (305-124) C-2
261/HR1218: Make it a federal crime for anyone other than a
parent to transport across state lines a minor who is seeking an
abortion. June 30. (270-159) C-3
286/HR2466: Add $ 10 million in funding for the National Endowment
for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. July
14. (207-217) C-3
298/HR1691: Limit the right to make a claim of infringement on
religious liberty. July 15. (190-234) C-3
301/HR2490: Strike prohibitions on abortion coverage in federal
employee health plans. July 15. (188-230) C-3
303/HR2490: Permit federal employee health plans to offer
contraceptive coverage. July 15. (217-200) L-3
344/HR2587: Prohibit federal or local funds for a needle-exchange
program in the District of Columbia. July 29. (241-187) C-3
349/HR2606: Bar federal funds to foreign organizations that
perform abortions or lobby for abortion-rights laws. July 29.
(228-200) C-3
360/HR2606: Bar federal funds for international family-planning
or population-control activities. Aug. 3. (145-272) L-2
370/HR2670: Increase funding for the Legal Services Corp. Aug. 4.
(242-178) L-2
465/HR2436: Make it a federal crime to injure or kill a human
fetus as a result of committing another violent crime. Sept. 30.
(254-172) C-3
544/HR2260: Prohibit doctors from using drugs to assist in
suicide. Oct. 27. (271-156) C-2
Foreign (21 votes)
49/HConRes42: Authorize deployment of U.S. military forces in the
NATO peacekeeping operation planned for Kosovo. March 11. (219-
191) L-3
58/HR4: Declare that U.S. policy supports deployment of a
national missile-defense system provided that other priorities
are met. March 18. (152-269) C-3
59/HR4: Support deployment of a national missile-defense system.
March 18. (317-105) C-2
100/HR1569: Prohibit U.S. ground forces in the Kosovo conflict
without congressional authorization. April 28. (249-180) C-3
101/HConRes82: Remove U.S. forces from the Kosovo conflict. April
28. (139-290) L-2
103/SConRes21: Authorize U.S. air operations in the Kosovo
conflict. April 28. (213-213) C-3
118/HR1664: Substitute Democratic alternative for supplemental
spending for Kosovo conflict. May 6. (164-260) C-3
119/HR1664: Bar funds for a planned invasion of Kosovo by U.S.
ground forces. May 6. (117-301) L-1
136/HR1654: End partnership with Russia in NASA's space-station
program. May 19. (117-313) L-1
181/HR1401: Bar foreign visitors to the national research
laboratories. June 9. (159-266) L-2
182/HR1401: Bar exchange or training programs with China's
military. June 9. (284-143) C-2
183/HR1401: Prohibit permanent Defense Department presence in
Haiti. June 9. (227-198) C-3
186/HR1401: Permit U.S. military forces to assist in drug
enforcement along the nation's borders. June 10. (242-181) C-2
189/HR1401: Strike provision to prohibit funding for military
operations in Kosovo. June 10. (270-155) L-2
266/S1059: Recognize the achievement of U.S. goals in the Kosovo
conflict. July 1. (261-162) L-2
321/HR2415: Restrict nuclear cooperation with North Korea. July
21. (305-120) C-2
322/HR2415: Bar State Department restrictions on nations that
seek to make prescription drugs for AIDS victims more affordable.
July 21. (117-307) C-1
324/HR2415: Bar foreign aid to nations that do not support the
United States in at least 25 percent of U.N. votes. July 21.
(169-256) L-2
326/HR2415: Support pro-democracy activists in Peru. July 21.
(189-234) C-3
380/HR2670: Strike requirement that U.S. funds to the United
Nations are contingent on the implementation of U.N. reforms.
Aug. 5. (206-221) C-3
554/HRes59: Commend NATO for promoting peace and stability. Nov.
2. (278-133) L-1


LOAD-DATE: February 8, 2000

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