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Copyright 2000 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Inc.  
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

August 6, 2000, Sunday, FIVE STAR LIFT EDITION


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Cartoons prompt readers' protest

As a response to the Republican Convention "seating arrangement" depicted by editorial cartoonist Sherffius on Aug. 2, here are my suggestions for the Democratic Convention seating. There would need to be seating for liars, Buddhist monks, foreign donors, the communist Chinese that received top-secret missile technology, trial lawyers, big labor, super rich Hollywood producers, very rich Hollywood actors, rich television executives, Hugh Hefner and the Playboy bunnies, left-wing radicals and Clinton defenders like Larry Flynt. Finally, there would be special front row seating for the Post-Dispatch editorial staff with special prominence given to Sherffius.
Kristin Goldkamp
Creve Coeur

Your cartoonist, Sherffius, has won the prize for disgusting, distasteful, horrible cartoons.

To depict Dick Cheney, a decent, honorable family man who has served his country admirably for many years, as he did on Aug. 3 is deplorable.
Irene Treppler

From 24-plus years of reading the Post-Dispatch, I am well aware of your political bias and sympathy for socialistic-left causes. However, the Sherffius cartoon of Aug. 3 edition reaches a new low of depravity, desperation and plain bad taste.

If the Post-Dispatch wishes to depict real corruption, the nation's role model currently occupies the Oval Office and walks the walk. No stretching of the truth is required.

On the other hand, the Post is not all bad. The weather page and the crossword puzzle are, in fact, pretty good.
Ralph Barber
Town & Country

Your very political cartoonist, James Carville and "Nuke" Gingrich are all of the same ilk. They are societal dividers and polarizers. I hope to see the Post-Dispatch lighten up a bit by "humorizing," not demonizing in its political cartoons.
By the way, I believe Lon spelled his name Chaney.
Ken Jameson
Troy, Mo.
Fix Six Flags exit

The Missouri Highway Department didn't already realize that warning signs and a decreased speed limit are needed at the Six Flags exit? Certainly, anyone who has traveled near that exit knows it. I am sure the Eureka Police Department has plenty of data on accidents there.

It is sad that five people had to die for the highway department to take this traffic congestion seriously. The highway spokesperson's response of wearing seat belts and being prepared to stop is impractical be cause (1) How are out of towners expected to know that highway traffic suddenly stops? and (2) You aren't going to be protected just because you have stopped safely. All it takes is one unprepared person to cause a crash. It is nearly impossible to stop suddenly and safely when you are traveling at highway speed.
Lizzie Dennison, RN
Richmond Heights

A year ago, I recommended to the state Highway and Transportation Commission that the interchange at I-44 and Allenton Road be improved in the summer months by doing the following:

(1) Add two signs in the frames of the "over the highway standards" j ust east of the interchange.

(2) Paint the two lanes into Six Flags a bright yellow all the way out to the edge of the through lanes of west-bound I-44. Mark them as "lanes into Six flags."

(3) Increase the time allotments on the traffic signals in the peak traffic times at night and in the morning. Make the middle lane of the three going under the overpass a reversible lane. Or allow the signals to be operated manually at peak hours by the city of Eureka.

All of the suggestions were denied out of hand. They were based on common sense, not on engineering studies.

My wife and I drive this road every day of our lives. Lowering the speed limit dramatically may also help save our lives, if it is enforced. Now, if you don't drive 80 miles an hour, you receive a digital salute from someone talking on a cell phone, eating a sausage biscuit or applying lipstick. Then you hear the whoosh of a semi going 85 mph, trying to make his arrival time.
Samuel C. Ebling

What a tragedy. A whole family wiped out because of one automobile accident. Even more tragic is the fact that nobody was wearing a seat belt. Children should never be allowed to ride in a car unrestrained, and adults cannot expect kids to buckle up if they don't do so themselves.

People who are unrestrained inside cars become flying missiles if their vehicle is involved in an accident. There is nothing to prevent you from being ejected from the car through a window or the windshield.
Craig Hollander
West County
Union leader's error

The July 2 editorial cartoon was critical of Schnucks for announcing the company could be forced to close some stores due to the financial impact of the higher wages we negotiated for our members.

When your reporter asked me about Schnucks' announcement after the membership had voted to accept the contract, I said it was news to me. I've thought about my comment and feel it is important to clarify the record.

During negotiations, Craig Schnuck did tell me that some of the stores that were not profitable may be closed because of the magnitude of the wage increases in the contract settlement. I considered this to be negotiation rhetoric that takes place in the heat of tough contract talks.

In all the years I have been dealing with Craig Schnuck and his organization, he has always been a man of his word. He had never misled or been dishonest with me. We have disagreed strongly on many issues, but that's to be expected because we sit on different sides of the table.
Nick J. Torpea

President, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 655, AFL-CIO
Hindu deaths

Recently, 100 Hindus were butchered by the militants in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir by the terrorists. No country, including the United States, raised its voice. No human rights group condemned the attack on the Hindus.

But if someone harms members of another religion, the entire world comes together to condemn such act. Is it because the Hindus never protest and retaliate? Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is directly sponsored by Pakistan. It has waged war against India four times, including last year's aggression in Kargil. The Pakistanis failed to separate Jammu and Kashmir from India. So, they started ethnic cleansing of Hindus. They have been doing it for the past 12 years.

The United States expresses concern about what is happening to Muslims in Serbia and Chechnya but it never says a single word about the slaughtering of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir. Why? Why doesn't the United States declare Pakistan a terrorist nation? Who is it afraid of?
Suresh Gopalakrishnan
Maryland Heights
Paying for sex?

In her July 30 column "Should insurance cover contraceptives?", Ellen Goodman argues that, since men are being covered by insurance for Viagra expenses, women should be covered for their contraceptive expense.

I agree with Goodman in the unfairness of the situation. But what disturbs me is that this money-making decision by the insurance companies may result in more government support at taxpayer expense. Viagra might be considered a medical necessity. Contraceptives could also be considered a medical necessity; i.e. mental health, peace of mind, population control, physical health, etc. All of this would be unfair to people whose religious beliefs are against contraception as well as medical aids such as Viagra.

Since our tax dollars are already being spent in foreign countries to protect the poor and ignorant with contraceptives, it is possible that some liberal politician will suggest subsidizing bedroom activities for those poor and impoverished people who can't afford irresponsible but safe sex.

I believe in supporting the poor and feeding the hungry. But it is against my religion as well as other religions to support birth control, adultery and the assorted promiscuity that is prevalent in this permissive liberal society.
Joe Plischke

LOAD-DATE: August 6, 2000

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