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May 24, 1999, Monday


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Anti-discrimination policy reveals courage, compassion

Re: Gay-rights proposal draws 1,200 to meeting at Grossmont High" (B-1, May 21):

Congratulations to Brenda Tuohy, the students she represents, Grossmont trustees Tom Page, Ted Crooks and Michael Harrelson and to all other intelligent and compassionate people for their courage in supporting the anti- discrimination measure aimed at protecting perceived or actual homosexual students.

Those who believe that such a policy "promotes homosexuality," should ask themselves this: Does an anti-discrimination policy in support of Americans with disabilities promote a handicapped lifestyle? Does an anti- discrimination policy protecting different races promote the idea of changing races?

Protecting against discrimination is a tolerance issue, not a promotions issue. STEPHANIE STROUT La Mesa

Despite the preponderance of information in your May 20 story ("Grossmont to address gay harassment issue") that discrimination and harassment of gay and lesbian youth is a real problem and that such discrimination and harassment is not unlike harassment based upon gender or race or religion or disability, you stated that Tuohy was seeking "special protection."

Those are the code words of people who would allow continued unfairness to be meted out to those in our nation who do not share their beliefs. It was very unkind to introduce a story about a young woman's quest to be left alone in this way.

To me, it looks like the people who do not like gays want the special right to treat them poorly. JON WEATHERMAN San Diego

I find it both ironic and troubling to read the story on the Grossmont meeting on the same day your paper reported another school shooting cause by a troubled young person. I was even more saddened to find that a religious leader, trustee Gary Cass, who should be teaching tolerance and love was to impose his moral views on a decision that would impact at least 10 percent of the district's students.

I hope that such anti-discrimination actions won't be necessary some day. But, until then, every person who is the recipient of taunts, assaults and disrespect must be protected. THOMAS G. IRWIN San Diego

Government grants kill living creatures

So, if killing a defenseless young whale with steel harpoons and a 50- caliber, armor-piercing gun resurrects a proud Makah tradition and is a huge inspiration for their young people, no wonder I've never heard of the tribe in the 51 years I've lived in the United States.

It really warms the heart of this hard-working, tax-paying American that the Makahs received a $310,000 grant from our government for this needless destruction of a living creature. So, it now seems, armor-piercing guns don't kill whales. Idiot grants do. LARRY SATLER San Diego

So, the Makahs want to slaughter whales because that's part of their heritage. As a male of European extraction, I think I'll petition the government to allow me to organize public hangings and floggings, engage in cock-fighting and bear-baiting and beat my wife when I feel like it. After all, those things are part of my heritage. CLARK WAITE Descanso

Support and criticism for pornography story

Your May 11 Currents story on the porn industry was not in bad taste. It is a part of life. Many people who come to California in hopes of making it big in films end up in the industry.

You did not glamorize it or make it seem like a great career choice. I thought you presented it in a dignified manner. I enjoyed reading it as a part of life. You cannot always print what the conservatives want. TIM CUNNINGHAM Carlsbad

Before someone dismisses your story on porn (you know the one) as making too much out of nothing, I'd like to point out that TV, current films, books, rap music and women's and men's magazines are proclaiming almost with a single voice: Adolescent fantasy rules ! It's an obsessive chant.

I agree that the Union-Tribune 's duty is to show and tell. But I suggest that your editors would do well to contemplate their navels once a day to clear their brains before reverting to overused sexual themes and issues.

Advocating literacy these days is becoming a lot like urging people to climb Bandini Mountain. Much of what I see, hear and read daily -- piled high -- would equal or surpass the odor of that famous mound of steer manure. And thus departs art and the meaning of life -- as in, Et tu, Union-Tribune ? LOUISE PERRY El Cajon

Bilbray is no champion of reproductive health

Re: "Make contraceptive coverage part of insurance policies" (Letters, May 21):

In his letter touting the benefits of the Women's Contraceptive Equity Act and its federal counterpart, EPICC, Rep. Brian Bilbray presented himself as some sort of champion of women's reproductive health. In reality, Bilbray has a dismal voting record in this area.

He is hardly the driving force behind EPICC as he suggested in his letter. The measure is a good one and should be supported, as your May 14 editorial advocated, but Bilbray's portrayal of himself as a champion of women's reproductive health is laughable. His legislative report card with every women's rights organization has failing grades. MISHAUNO WOGGON National Organization for Women San Diego

Don't ignore impressions of others about America

Re: "How the world views Americans" (Letters, May 14):

Jesse Chavez's thought-provoking letter brought the expected responses of " Shoot the messenger."

No one will deny that most other countries have as many or more problems that need attention. But saying that we should ignore or minimize our problems because other countries -- Mexico in particular, because Chavez lives in Tijuana -- have worse ones misses the point.

In 100-plus overseas vacation trips, I have had the opportunity to hear, read and discuss the perceptions others have about America. There is a mixture of good and bad, of course, and some totally absurd. But to be so arrogant as to not recognize, or want to learn about, other viewpoints adds credibility to their unfavorable impressions. J.M. ADAMSON San Diego


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