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June 22, 1999 Tuesday, ORLEANS


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Some people are taking the coverage of Viagra by insurers as an opportunity to demand coverage of oral contraceptives as well. They make this demand in the name of "fairness." The line goes like this: Viagra is good for men and oral contraceptives are good for women.

There are many flaws in this line of reasoning. The first is in labeling Viagra a pill for men, thereby implying that it does not do any women any good. Excuse me, but I'm sure that there are many women who are living life more fully now that their spouses have access to Viagra. The second is to imply that both Viagra and oral contraceptives are good. Viagra takes something that does not work the way it is supposed to and helps it work better. That's good. Oral contraceptives take something that works the way that it is supposed to and try to break it. That's not good.

David Kepper

New Orleans

LOAD-DATE: June 22, 1999

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Search Terms: contraceptive, insurance
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