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August 9, 2000, Wednesday, FINAL EDITION


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HEADLINE: Sex-bias suit serves as wake-up call

Bravo to Planned Parenthood of Seattle and pharmacist Jennifer
Erickson on her sex-discrimination suit against her employer ("Lawsuit
seeks coverage of birth control," News, July 20).

This lawsuit would not be necessary, as I see things, if Congress
hadn't knuckled under to the male-managed insurance industry and
the Roman Catholic Church -- both in opposition to contraceptives
for different reasons. Lawmakers have buried legislation to require
insurance coverage for birth control way too long.
Yet insurance carriers didn't need the slightest push to cover
Viagra, which costs 10 times as much per pill.

We don't expect male-headed church hierarchy and insurers to care
about women's health needs.

But every election year, all the of House and a third of the Senate
proclaim to be concerned about our half the population.

Let's hold their feet to the fire. Tell us, candidates and incumbents,
will you vote for legislation to require coverage for birth control?
We're listening.

Kathy Fryer Helmbock

Cincinnati, Ohio

Long-term care

USA TODAY's recent report, "Employers stepping up in elder care,"
does an excellent job of highlighting how employers are recognizing
the importance of providing elder-care benefits to employees and
dependents (Money, Thursday).

In fact, within the past five years, the number of employers offering
private long-term-care insurance has tripled.

With long-term-care insurance, family members can obtain home-health
care to keep a loved one at home, or seek the best nursing-care
facility available -- without having to quit a job.

It's no surprise that a recent government survey shows that roughly
two out of three people providing informal care to a loved one
believe that the availability of private long-term-care insurance
has reduced their level of stress.

Winthrop Cashdollar

Director, Center for Disability

and Long-Term Care Insurance

Washington, D.C.

Teens are individuals

As I read comments against and in support of music rapper Eminem,
I ask myself, what's the big deal here ("Eminem hits high, low
notes," Letters, Friday)?

I am age 18 and will admit to listening to some of Eminem's music.
But I also admit to listening to other types of music, such as
Whitney Houston and oldies.

While I don't agree with some of Eminem's lyrics, it's more about
taste. I am about to start my freshman year in college -- and
entering with good grades while holding down a full-time job.

In spite of listening to Eminem, I do not consider myself lazy
or full of rage. Unfortunately, older generations like to generalize.
Granted, there is a small group of teens out there that gives
the rest of us a bad name, but don't judge the whole by the mistakes
of a few.

Martin Fraim

Aubrey, Texas

LOAD-DATE: August 09, 2000

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Search Terms: contraceptive, insurance
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