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June 17, 1999


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STATEMENT FOR Larry E. Craig OVERSIGHT HEARING ON THE CROWN JEWEL MINE Tuesday June 15, 1999 2:30 PM Today's hearing comes about as a direct consequence of the commitment I made to my colleagues during consideration of the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act. In making that commitment I promised to look closely at events related to the Administration's March 25, 1999 letter to Battle Mountain Gold in which they vacated the Record of Decision for their Environmental Impact Statement and denied their Plan Of Operations for the mine. It is also important, I believe, to explore the effect such a decision might have on the rest of the domestic mining industry if left unchecked. The Crown Jewel decision, as it is now referred to ---- wreaked havoc with the two mining companies involved, stripping away over $135 million of their market value. It also contains far reaching implications which could have a profound effect on the domestic mining industry. Given the potential impact of this decision and the fact that it appears to fly directly in the face of over 127 years of common practice within the Department of the Interior I think dictates that this Committee take an extremely close look all the events associated with the Decision. We will be exploring 3 different aspects of the Crown Jewel Decision during the course of today's hearing. First, I am eager to explore and put on the record the legal basis for Solicitor Leshy's Millsite Opinion ----- what is the rational for the opinion ----- what is the case law in support of or in opposition to the opinion. It is important for all of us to remember that while we legislate, regulate and pontificate here In Washington ------- the actions we take have far reaching and profound effects on the real world. Therefore, my second goal is to look at the effect the Administrations actions had on the real world ------ take a close look at the Crown Jewel Mine Project and the surrounding community ----- see what was going on up there and how the folks up there reacted to the decision. While the Congress rescued that particular project in the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, the impact the Solicitor's decision had on the mine and the local communities was very real. Lastly, I would like to touch on the effect the Solicitor's Opinion might have on the rest of the domestic mining industry. We have a lot of witnesses today and a lot of valuable information to get on the record ---------- we will be putting all of you on the 5 minute clock. Be assured that your entire written testimony will be included in the official hearing record.

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Search Terms: millsite, House or Senate or Joint
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