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October 20, 1999

Mining Issues To Be Subject Of Congressional Hearing
In Golden, Colorado

Washington, D.C. - The issues of whether a royalty should be levied on hardrock minerals extracted from public land and a Solicitor's opinion known as the millsite opinion which was issued in November 1997 will be the focus of a Congressional hearing held by the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources this Saturday in Golden, Colorado.

Time: 9:30 a.m., Saturday, October 23rd
Date: Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility,
100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colorado

"Golden, Colorado's Status As 'Capitol of the West' for Minerals Research Threatened By Department of Interior Decisions Affecting Mining Industry"
- Rep. Tom Tancredo

"Golden, Colorado is the 'Capitol of the West' for energy and minerals research, commerce, and education," said U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), who represents Golden, Colorado. "People are right to say that the 'Beltway Bureaucrats' in the Department of Interior are out of touch with America's need for energy and minerals. I am pleased to host this hearing in our district, to witness the real-life struggles of the American mining industry as it exists today."

"Levying Royalties on Hardrock Mining Will Adversely Effect Mining Industry"
- Rep. Jim Gibbons

"Before enacting or increasing these fees, Congress needs to consider the likely effects they will have on the mining industry, our national, state, and local governments, and on the men and women who work in the mining industry," said U.S. Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-NV), who will chair the hearing.

"Simply applying new fees and increasing already existing fees on our mining industry demonstrates a lack of knowledge on these issues by our lawmakers," added Gibbons. "This hearing is necessary to help educate those who are unaware of the stranglehold these fees are currently placing on the mining industry."

"I encourage everyone to attend this hearing, and to listen to the real facts about mining and how important it is to this State's economy and the nation."

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