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Spending to Date

Through September 2000, the Nuclear Waste Program has spent $6.7 billion. Of this, $3.6 billion has been spent characterizing the site at Yucca Mountain and $276.4 million has been spent by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board, and the Nuclear Waste Negotiator. The remaining $2.8 billion has been spent on characterizing other potential sites, Waste Acceptance and Transportation, and Program Integration.

Funding is appropriated from the Nuclear Waste Disposal Fund, which is accrued in the form of a rate payer fee from those people who use electricity generated by nuclear power plants. Additional dollars come from taxpayers through the Defense Nuclear Waste Disposal Account which Congress established to provide for the disposal of high-level radioactive products from defense facilities. To date, $5.5 billion has been spent from the Nuclear Waste Fund and $1.2 billion has been spent from the defense account.

Additional Information:
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