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Sponsor: Rep Barton, Joe(by request) (introduced 7/15/1999)
Latest Major Action: 10/26/1999 House preparation for floor: Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 240.
Title: To authorize appropriations for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for fiscal year 2000, and for other purposes.
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Referred to the House Committee on Commerce.
Referred to the Subcommittee on Energy and Power.
Subcommittee Hearings Held.
Subcommittee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Forwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee (Amended) by Voice Vote.
Committee Consideration and Mark-up Session Held.
Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by Voice Vote.
10/26/1999 5:43pm:
Reported (Amended) by the Committee on Commerce. H. Rept. 106-415.
10/26/1999 5:43pm:
Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No. 240.





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Rep Hall, Ralph M. - 7/15/1999

10/26/1999--Reported to House, amended.    (There is 1
other summary)


Title I: Authorization

Title II: Other Provisions

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000 - Title I: Authorization - Authorizes appropriations from the Nuclear Waste Fund for FY 2000 for: (1) the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC); and (2) the NRC Office of Inspector General.

(Sec. 102) Allocates such appropriations among: (1) Nuclear Reactor Safety; (2) Nuclear Materials Safety; (3) Nuclear Waste Safety; (4) the International Nuclear Safety Support Program; and (5) Management and Support.

Prohibits the NRC from using more than one percent of such allocations to make grants and enter into cooperative agreements with organizations such as universities, State and local governments, and not-for-profit institutions. Mandates NRC notification to the Congress as a prerequisite to specified reallocations. Restricts the use of Nuclear Waste Fund appropriations solely to NRC high-level nuclear waste activities.

(Sec. 104) Amends the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 to extend through FY 2004 NRC authority to assess and collect user fees and annual charges.

(Sec. 105) Authorizes the NRC, beginning in FY 2001, to assess and collect fees for full cost recovery from other Federal agencies in return for services rendered by the NRC (rather than recover these costs through the annual fees assessed to all NRC licensees).

Title II: Other Provisions - Amends the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 to prescribe guidelines for the carrying of firearms and the authority to make arrests by employees or contractors of NRC licensees or certificate holders for the protection of property of significance to the common defense and security located at facilities owned or operated by an NRC licensee or certificate holder or being transported to or from such facilities.

(Sec. 202) Authorizes the NRC to issue trespass regulations relating to property subject to its licensing or certification authority.

(Sec. 203) Revises the crime of sabotage of Federal nuclear facilities to cover any production, utilization, waste storage, treatment, disposal, uranium enrichment, or nuclear fuel fabrication facility subject to licensing or certification under this Act during its construction where the destruction or damage caused or attempted could affect public health and safety during facility operation.

(Sec. 204) Provides that the initial duration of a combined construction and operating license for a production or utilization facility may not exceed 40 years from the date on which the NRC finds, prior to facility operation, that specified statutory acceptance criteria have been met.

(Sec. 205) Repeals the requirement that the NRC maintain an office for the service of process and papers within the District of Columbia.

(Sec.206) Directs NRC to: (1) hold open meetings in accordance with the Government in the Sunshine Act; and (2) maintain a complete transcript or electronic recording adequate to record fully any closed meeting proceedings.