(Truthfulness, Responsibility and Accountability in Contracting Act)

The Truthfulness, Responsibility and Accountability in Contracting (TRAC) Act was introduced in the House (H.R. 721) by Representative Al Wynn (D-MD) and in the Senate (S. 721) by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL).   It is anything but what it’s name claims it to be! The bill requires public-private competitions of all contracts that are considered for the private sector, including all extensions, renewals or modifications of existing service contracts.  It also requires public-private competitions for future outsourcing of all services regardless of whether or not the capability exists to perform the service within the federal government.                  

Furthermore, under the House version, HR 721, there would be a suspension of all negotiations for new services contracts for at least six months.  The moratorium on service contracts would not be lifted until a centralized record keeping and cost accounting system is established.  The Senate version, S. 1152, calls for the suspension of new services contracts for 180 days following enactment of the bill unless satisfactory federal agency progress is made and certified by OMB toward establishing the required centralized record keeping and cost accounting system on agency contracting efforts. 

Several “mini-TRAC” proposals have been offered.  These were targeted at only the Department of Defense.  To date, these efforts have been defeated due to the efforts of the CSA-led coalition and their numerous congressional supporters. 

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