Penn State University

Department of Political Science

PLSC 497: Protests, Social Movements, and Public Policy

Profs. Frank R. Baumgartner and John McCarthy

Spring 2009

Mondays, 3:35-6:35PM, 268 Willard Bldg.

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Click here for the first assignment about recording observations carefully, and here for an article by Clark McPhail about doing this. Read the article first (and pay attention to what he says about "clusters", then do the assignment at your leisure. Come to class on Jan 26 with your results filled out.

Click here for details on your assignment due Feb 2. Click here for a template that shows how to write a research report. Follow this form closely in writing up your results, due Feb 2. For the data from the class, click here.

Second Assignment, due Feb 9: Click here for a sample spreadsheet that shows how to make a graph of media coverage over time. Write a one- to two-page report comparing your results to those in the spreadsheet, and explain your selection of keywords. List all the keywords you used, and identify the final one that seemed to work best. Click here for an xls version of the spreadsheet.

Click here to see an example from a group presentation from last year. This is a good template to work from as it includes significant attention to measurement issues, gives a clear conceptual map of what the students thought initially would cause what, a combination of statistical and qualitative data / timelines including government / media attention as well as associations and real-world statistical indicators about the severity of their problem, and, finally, their conceptual map of how they think the process worked, after having done their research. The slides don't show what the oral presentation was that came with it, but you get a sense of the work the students did. Your job, then, is to divide up your project so that each of you does a part, and then separately to write a term paper that integrates both what you learned as part of the group project and at the same time focuses on your part of it.

Here is that spreadsheet we made in class on March 2, with data on civil rights and examples of how to calculate various kinds of formulae, etc.

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PDF's or links to readings you'll need to do:

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