POLI 891
Mondays, 5:00-7:30pm, Hamilton 357, Fall 2012

Prof. Frank R. Baumgartner
313 Hamilton Hall, phone 962-0414
Web site: http://www.unc.edu/~fbaum/

Office hours: M, 3-5pm and by appointment

Click here for the syllabus

Readings are below [Let me know if any links are not working but they all should be good as of Aug 28 2012.]

Week 1. Aug 27

Week 2. Sep 3 (no class, happy Labor Day!

Week 3. Sep 10 (discussion questions)

Definitions from public policy, social movements, and communications

Week 4. Sep 17 (discussion questions)

Cognitive basics

Note: One-page memo due describing your term paper topic in conceptual terms and a general idea of the empirical / theoretical approach, relevant literature, and what your goals in it (article project, MA thesis idea, PhD idea).

Week 5. Sep 24 (discussion questions)

Motivated Reasoning (or why people believe things that are wrong)

Week 6. Oct 1 (discussion questions)

Applications of Motivating Reasoning Theories to Political Opinions

Week 7. Oct 8 (discussion questions)

Emotion, Affect, and Opinion

Week 8. Oct 15 (discussion questions)

Framing as Attention-Shifting

Note: Annotated bibliography due. This means you should have identified the key source material you are planning to use. You don't have to have read it all yet but you should have identified the likely suspects. A longer bibliography is better than a short one. No need for extensive annotations, but rather just a list of readings organized by the topics that you plan to cover.

Week 9. Oct 22 (discussion questions)

Public Opinion

Week 10. Oct 29 (discussion questions)

Source Credibility and Reframing

Note: Detailed outline of paper due. This should include a full structure, planned cites, methods, etc. The text need not be written but the structure should be complete, in outline form. You'll be surprised how easy it is to complete the paper if you have a complete outline in the proper order.

Week 11. Nov 5 (discussion questions)

Framing, Counter-Framing, and the Status Quo

Week 12. Nov 12 (discussion questions)

Framing, Opinion, and Policy Change Over Time

Week 13. Nov 19 (discussion questions)

Policy Change Over Time: Dissertation-Scope Projects

Week 14. Nov 26 (discussion questions)

Week 15. Dec 3 (last day of class) (discussion questions)

Term papers due