Documentation, Papers, and Publications

Here you will find documentation for our project, including our NSF grant proposals, the protocols used for our interviews, and some supplemental information about the legislative process. We also make available all conference papers we have presented, information about our book, and a public-release version of the datasets that underlie our analysis. These data have been cleaned to protect the anonymity of our respondents.

Find out more about our book, Lobbying and Policy Change

Get a copy of public-release data. Note these allow you to recreate all the analyses in our book, but the data have been revised to protect the confidentiality of our respondents. That means that a few observations have been deleted from the datasets in the case of very small sides where one could identify the individual actors, and that certain variables which were collected solely from confiential interviews have been deleted. However, these datasets contain the vast bulk of our data including all that was publicly available.

Grant proposals and research materials that give the background to the project:

Papers and publications drawn from our project or using its data:

Some of the material discussed in the case files refers to some obscure or technical legislative vocabulary. Two useful sources of help are some vocabulary of the legislative process and an overview of the legislative process, both of which come from the Library of Congress' Thomas website.

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