Resources, Useful Links, and Data Sources
Research Fellowship in Political Science / Sociology
Professors Frank Baumgartner and John McCarthy
The Pennsylvania State University, Fall 2002-Spring 2003

This page has links and resources for our Research Fellowship Program.

Click here to see the Spring 2003 syllabus.
Click here to see the Fall 2002 syllabus.
Click here to see a template showing how to structure your term paper project.

A working copy of the codebook for our project of assembling data on associations over time. Other useful links to related projects:

  • A copy of an interview report from the 1917 cost of living survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This information, and information from thousands of similar surveys, was used to create the Cost of Living Index which we use to calculate the inflation rate. Think of what kinds of errors go into calculating how much money people spend on such a detailed list of items across a twelve month period.

  • The Policy Agendas Project (Frank R. Baumgartner and Bryan D. Jones, Co-Directors)

  • The Policy Advocacy Project (Baumgartner, Berry, Hojnacki, Kimball, and Leech, Co-Directors)

  • The dataset from Debra Minkoff's study of Women's and civil rights social movement organizations (see Minkoff, Debra. 1995. Organizing for Equality: The Evolution of Women’s and Racial-Ethnic Organizations in America, 1955–1985. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.) This is a major study of hundreds of challenging social movements, taken as a subset of the data from the Encyclopedia of Associations. (NB: The following files must be downloaded then analyzed in SPSS or STATA; they are not designed to be used over the web.)
  • Link directly to the Gale Encyclopedia of Associations page, through LIAS. This can be helpful in getting familiar with some areas for your term paper. Searches allow you to see how many groups are listed in the current on-line edition of the Encyclopedia.

  • Link directly to the Library of Congress page, with resources concerning current and past legislation, hearings, bills, and congressional actions.

  • Link through the Penn State Library page to see a full set of back issues of the New York Times from 1851 to 1999, searchable by keyword. Use this to search for newspaper stories relevant to your topic. Thanks to James Mandolfo for finding this resource. (You must be using a PSU computer to do this.)