Deadly Justice Cover

Deadly Justice
A Statistical Portrait of the Death Penalty

Frank R. Baumgartner, Marty Davidson, Kaneesha R. Johnson, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Colin P. Wilson

Oxford University Press, 2018


Data and Resources


Replication data for Figures used in the book:

This Stata do-file will generate all the figures in the book, in PNG format. (Requires Stata 13.0 or more recent.) In order to run the code, download this zipped directory of files and extract them to a directory called "F:\DeadlyJustice-Data-and-Do-Files". Double-click on the file which should be at the top: "" a long Stata program (about 2,000 lines of code) should run on any PC. The do-file clearly indicates which figure from the book is being created, and calls the appropriate data file to do it. It goes in order from Figure 1.1 through the last figure in the book, with the exception of those figures which are maps.


Click here for a directory of files allowing one to replicate the maps used in the book using R.


Additional databases used in the book

The Carolina Execution Database - all executions, 1977 through 2015. Codebook. Updated data through 2016 - Stata .dta version; Excel version. Note that analyses in the book include executions through the end of 2015.


Homicides by County and by Year, 1984 to 2012. Stata .dta version; Excel version. Note: Variables include State and County names, 5-digit FIPS code, and the number of homicides from 1984 (Hom84) through 2012 (Hom12), as well as a total (Hom8412). Because a small number of values were estimated using the average of five adjacent years, a few cases show fractional values. Otherwise, the values represent the number of homicides reported to the FBI in each county by year. For more detail on the construction of this dataset, see this work by former UNC student Wallace Gram.


Homicides by State and Year, 1984 to 2012. Stata; Excel. (Same data as above, summed to the state level.


Executions by County and by Year, 1975 to 2015. Data.


Executions by State and by Year, 1975 to 2015. Data.


Pennsylvania Death Warrants and Stays.


Florida Death Warrants for executed inmates, 1976-2016. Clike here to see the data used in our book; Click here to go to the Florida Department of Corrections web page from where we found these data.


Links to State Department of Corrections Death Penalty pages, where available

Alabama (Incomplete)
Current Death Row inmates
Executed Inmates

Arkansas (Incomplete)
Executed inmates
Current Death Row Inmates

Florida (Incomplete)
Executed Inmates
Current Death Row inmates
Death Row Facts

Annual Roster of Death Row Inmates 2000-2017


Death row roster

Inmates removed from death row


Death row roster (Kansas Department of Corrections site)

Complete list including those no longer under sentence of death (Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty)

Executions and Death Row History (PDF from Missouri Department of Corrections)


Inmates sentenced to death, with disposition (PDF from Nebraska Department of Corrections)

North Carolina
Death row roster
Executed inmates
Inmates removed from death row

List of current death row inmates
Capital Sentences issued in the Ohio since 1981 with case studies
Executed inmates
Clemency Reports
Inmates removed from death row
Number of Death Sentences per County

Current Death Row
Death Warrants
Removals not available on public website

South Carolina
Current Death Row
Death Sentences 1977 through Feb 8, 2017

Current Death Row
Removals not available on public website


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