Deadly Justice Cover

Deadly Justice
A Statistical Portrait of the Death Penalty

Frank R. Baumgartner, Marty Davidson, Kaneesha R. Johnson, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Colin P. Wilson

Oxford University Press, 2018


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Chapter 1. Furman, Gregg, and the Creation of the Modern Death Penalty
Chapter 2. The Capital Punishment Process
Chapter 3. Homicide in America
Chapter 4. Comparing Homicides with Execution Cases
Chapter 5. Which Crimes Are Capital Eligible, and is Death Reserved for the Worst Offenders?
Chapter 6. Which Jurisdictions Execute and which Ones Don’t?
Chapter 7. How Often Are Death Sentences Overturned?
Chapter 8. How Long Does It Take?
Chapter 9. How Often Are People Exonerated from Death Row?
Chapter 10. How Are the Executions Carried Out?
Chapter 11. How Often Are Scheduled Executions Delayed or Cancelled?
Chapter 12. Mental Illness and Death Row
Chapter 13. How Deep Is Public Support for the Death Penalty?
Chapter 14. Why Does the Death Penalty Cost So Much?
Chapter 15. Does the Death Penalty Deter?
Chapter 16. Is the Death Penalty Dying?
Chapter 17. Does the Modern Death Penalty Meet the Goals of Furman?
Epilogue: How This Book Came About


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